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For years, I never learnt how to cook.


Growing up, that’s something my MOTHER did.

And man did she make it clear she didn’t enjoy it.

So I vowed that when I grew up, I’d have someone who would do that for me.  Because I was going to go to university and get a degree and work for a living.  I’d most certainly either have hired help, or a doting husband who ADORED cooking.


When I met my husband, and he liked to cook, I figured I was SET FOR LIFE.

“I don’t cook,”  I use to tell people, proudly.

I’d say it with the same conviction as those who inform you they don’t eat red meat, or don’t waste their time playing Candy Crush.

Then I had kids.

And realized they expected to eat.


And I also worked out that while, yes, my husband liked to cook, what he REALLY meant was he liked to barbecue, and smoke things, and cook for company.  Once in a while.  In large amounts of butter and oil.

Also, after a (rather expensive) decade of takeout, microwave meals, frozen pizza, and quick pasta, lifestyle was catching up and I was getting a bit, well …. bigger.

I finally worked out my non-cooking stand was anything but empowering and I got over myself.

So, last year I took a few cooking classes to overcome my initial fear of the kitchen, and then I took to Pinterest – which really taught me the rest.

Over the first half of last year, my new cooking skills – and Weight Watchers – combined to help me lose 30 lbs – which I’ve mostly managed to keep off.

One of the main things that helped was finding a few easy, staple meals, that we all enjoyed and that I continue to eat now.

I thought I’d share my top three from my Pinterest favourites board with you:

1.  Chick Pea and Tomato Salad with Fresh Basil – From Green Lite Bites

I love chick peas in salad, so when I found this recipe early in my cooking experimentation phase last year – I latched on.  It’s super easy to prepare; delicious; filling; and for those counting Weight Watcher points, only 6 points a serving.

2.  Chick Pea and Spinach Swimming Rama – From Everything Mom

Okay, I know, again with the chick peas, but this is a great vegetarian dinner.  Tasty – and filling again – so good for not feeling the need to snack later.  I also developed a liking for Quinoa last year, so I do it on that instead of rice.

3.  Skillet Lasagna – From The Realistic Nutritionist

Lasagna is hands down my favourite meal of all time.  But it isn’t exactly low-calorie or diet friendly.  So I was excited when I found this alternative that was a) easier to make anyway and b) still tasted wonderful.  Really, even my husband likes this version of lasagna, which I figure means it’s a success.  Seven Weight Watchers points a serving for anyone whose counting.


I have others I still make as well, but those are three of my go to recipes for quick meals.

If you are interested in some of my other favourites, please check out my food favourites board:

Do you have any favourite healthy recipes that help making good food choices easier?  I’d love to know what they are so I can add to my repertoire!  I’m ready to add some new variety for the New Year!

This post is in response to the Day 6 Assignment in the Zero to Hero Blogger Challenge.  The assignment was to publish a post that included a “new-to-you” element.  I have never embedded from Pinterest before – so voila!

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