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I debated skipping the Ten Things of Thankful Hop this week because life has been a bit hectic and I could use the time to catch up on other things.

But that just felt WRONG.

So here I am.


I’ve officially jumped on this bandwagon and NEED my thankful.

Lizzi – I’m converted.   And I’m convinced it does help me see life more half-full than I might otherwise.  So thank you.

With that said, it’s been a long week so let’s get right to it:

Number 10

I’m thankful for friends and fun on the Internet.  Earlier this year I did a large awards post and was thrilled at how well received it was.  This week Brenda from Friendly Fairy Tales did her wonderful acceptance post as part of the celebration of her one-year blogaversary.  If you haven’t visited her blog you should.  Fabulous stories, pictures and poetry.  As a mother of two girls, I can say I’ve found much inspiration there for imaginary fun with my eldest.   Then, I was honoured to discover that I was nominated for a Liebster by Twinkle Toes and Ninja Boy.  I won’t commit to a timelines, but I will certainly respond.  Among other things, her questions are pretty awesome!  And last but in no way least, a shout out to Beth in all her epicness.  Her comments on my blog brighten my day.  We’ve bonded over hockey, and I promised her a virtual tea light ceremony in honour of awesome blog friendships.  Twinkle Toes and Brenda – please also grab a candle.

Given that googling "tea light ceremony pictures" sent me to about a bazillion wedding photos, for the record, I was thinking more sorority ceremonies, but apparently tea lights online are all about the bride...   But I think these one's work.

Given that googling “tea light ceremony pictures” sent me to about a bazillion wedding photos, for the record, I was thinking more sorority ceremonies … I think these ones work.

Number 9

I’m thankful for men who dance.  I remember that they exist.  For the record, I don’t specifically know any anymore (I am surrounded by men who don’t dance), but as I was surfing I came across this video to teach guys how to dance.

I would presume this would be to help them pick up women in clubs.  Given I have fond memories of a guy who once wowed me by accurately doing the dance to Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” I’d like to confirm that knowing how to dance is an effective strategy.

Anyway, I’m thankful for this video – I like the song and it came on the radio as I was driving home from an evening my husband and I got to spend out with friends on Friday.  He couldn’t understand why I liked it and I was trying to explain the eternal appeal of a nice traditional bump and grind.  We were at a light and I started dancing about in my seat.  Suffice to say the driver in the next car was amused.  But really?  The song is catchy!

And while we’re on the subject of dance music and the mysteries of courtship rituals, this video makes me thankful I am happily married and never had to date in the Facebook/Instagram era.  I recall the whole process being exhausting enough without adding social media stress into the mix.

Number 8

I’m thankful for Anne Rice and the comfort of re-reading much-loved books.  I started re-reading “The Witching Hour” again yesterday.  It’s a book I must have read well over 10 times by now.  Really, I’m at the stage where I can remember certain phrases when I hit them in the text.  But after a long week, the comfort of re-reading something I love and knowing I will enjoy it is really almost like spending time with an old friend.  I’m also thankful here for the Internet.  I had this random thought that it would be neat if someone did a quiz to help you determine which Mayfair Witch you are.  Well, you guessed it: someone has.  Apparently I’m Julien.  Not sure what it says about me that I end up as the only male witch in the bunch.  But I’ll take Julien.

This is my print of the book.  But mine looks far more tattered.  Some of the front is taped and stapled together, and the inside picture flap with the house has been missing for years....

This is my print of the book. But mine looks far more tattered. Some of the front is taped and stapled together, and the inside picture flap with the house has been missing for years….

Number 7

I’m thankful I could help a friend out this week by loaning her my (no longer in use) breast pump.  My kids never latched, but I wanted to breastfeed and had no supply issues, so I bought a good quality double electric breast pump for that life stage.  It served me well but has been sitting gathering dust for about the last year.  My sister-in-law has dibs on it shortly as they are expecting.  Anyway, I have a friend who is back at work and so weaning slightly, but still pumping at work.  Her pump broke.  Anyone who has been in this situation can appreciate how that lack of suck, well, sucks.  So I loaned her mine earlier this week, got to catch up for a bit with her after I explained how the contraption worked, and then saw her husband when we were out on Friday and he reported back that it’s working awesome, her supply is back up and now maybe she’ll keep going a bit longer.  So I’m feeling all maternally virtuous.

Number 6

I’m thankful for puddles.  We had a thaw last weekend and my girls had a blast on Saturday and Sunday puddle jumping everywhere we went.  It was such a nice reminder of the joy in simple activities.

Number 5

I’m thankful – like most weeks – for my mother.  She babysat for us on Friday night so my husband and I could go out.  When we got back, she then hung out with me for, I’m thinking about another two hours, while we chatted, drank wine, I vented, and I generally came down from a busy week all ’round.  I love that I’ve hit this stage with my mother.  I hope I get there with my daughters as well when they grow up.

Number 4

I’m thankful for new challenges at work.  It was a good week – a busy week – but a good one.

Number 3

I’m thankful for having taken the time last year to print out large amounts of my digital photos of the kids and putt them in albums.  My kids ADORE looking at these and it keeps them occupied forever.  My oldest likes looking at herself “when she was a baby” and my youngest loves flipping the pages and pointing to people she knows and squealing excitedly.  Sometimes she gets the name if she can say it (eg: Mommy!  Daddy! Gran!)  Other times she just points and chatters happily like she’s telling you some involved tale.  Alternatively, I can leave her browsing happily on the couch while I do housework.  It’s awesome.

Number 2

I’m thankful for sleep.  My husband watched the kids this afternoon and I took a four-hour nap.  It was heaven.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Naptime is the new happy hour.

Number 1

I keep meaning to post this one and it always skips my mind.  I’m thankful for “crib catch” with my youngest.  Actually, I’m thankful for our entire bedtime routine.  Once books are read and teeth are brushed, we grab her bunny and her lamb; I put the mobile on; and we snuggle dance to a few lullabies.  She puts her head on my shoulder and I can feel her whole body relax.  It’s hands down one of my favourite moments of the day.  Then, I put her in the crib and tuck her in.  She will then stick her hand out between the different sections of the crib for me to grab.  We do it about 4-10 times depending on the night.  Silly game – but it’s a nice last bit of contact as she goes to sleep.


So there’s my thankful for this week!  Until next time!