BGD – A Bloggy Birth Story

DEC 2013 UPDATE:  This was my original “About Me” page which I put up in June 2013.  I’ve since done a new one here.  But this remains a pretty accurate representation of life over here.  And for those who read to the end?  I still haven’t completed the Macroeconomics course.  I bought an extension!  [Sigh of defeat]


My goal is to learn how to blog.  On WordPress.  Between the interruptions of …

[Three Year Old Darling Daughter 1] DD1 [Playing with new Littlest Pet Shop toy purchased at garage sale yesterday]:  Mom!  My toy isn’t working!  [Implodes]

[We play together for a bit and I show her how to wind the hotel spinny thing.  Peace is restored to the universe.   Well, except for the Barbie movie playing in the background.]

… my 3 year old, the baby and …

[Darling Husband] DH [Now hovering beside me scanning the bookshelf]: I need a book to read while DD1 and I are at Sportball.  Hmmm

[Full conversation ensues as to merits of one book he’s already read vs another book he’s already read.  Also, a full update is provided on the author of the book he selects.  He was a sniper and, since publishing, has gotten injured.  But is ok.]

…my husband.  So this will clearly be a successful project.  With well thought out, edited content…

DD1: Mommy, I need a napkin! [Leaves yogurt hand print on computer desk; then waves a spoon at me to “share” by way of apology.  A blueberry falls on the ground.  Which she then steps on].

[I get napkin.  Clean up.  We share the rest of the yogurt.  This is a wondrous bonding experience.]

… that will really have an impact.  I will also have a creative outlet, which will be great because I have always enjoyed the writing process and know that during my ….

DH: Okay my Belle!  Time to go!  Honey, have you seen DD1’s shoes?  And where are her glasses?

[Locate everything.  Turn TV off.  Hugs goodbye.  Blissful silence].

….downtime, like this morning, I’ll really be able to spend some time making this space…

[10 month old Darling Daughter 2] DD2:  Waaaa!


What else?  I live in Ottawa, surrounded by extended family and friends.  Work full-time for the government.  I try to eat well and exercise regularly. I’m also about to start my second economics course by correspondence as part of my learning plan for work.  Why on earth would I do that?  Because apparently my Master of Arts in Social Science is in the wrong social science for what I want to do.  I’m in no way bitter about that.

I’ve tried blogging before.  Sometimes with mild success.  I generally stop because I run out of time.  Then I miss it.  So we’ll see how this time goes.  I’m trying WordPress because I’ve always used Blogger in the past and keep reading about how wonderfully superior WordPress is.  So I’m gonna find out for myself.  You know, during all my down time.

Now the credits:  My current header and blog button – “Crying Doll” is courtesy of Theeradech Sanin at


10 thoughts on “BGD – A Bloggy Birth Story”

  1. I’m a blogger refugee too (and fellow Ontarian! I’m over in London Ont, but moved from Toronto, where I was born) & honestly I like it. There are some awesome differences over here on wordpress (I love being able to pick which entries are private/protected/public!)


  2. I’m still working out the differences, and while I miss some of the blogger stuff that I was use to, I’m being won over. I’m also trying to remember some of the stuff I use to know how to do (eg: once upon a time I could do a blog button – but haven’t gotten around to figuring that out again…) Ah well – lots of time.


  3. I like your write up since I can totally picture your family life trials and tribulations 🙂


    • Thanks! I have to admit, I started writing this the traditional way – and then did this instead as it happened – because it basically sums up what’s going on at any given time in the house – regardless of whether I’m trying to do something or not 🙂 Thanks again for the visit and the comment!


  4. gabriela carvalho said:

    I’m enjoying your blog so much…been reading non stop!! Really well written, honesty and nice!! Good vibes from brazil!!


  5. I started my blogs on Blogger and then gradually moved all but one to Word Press. I am obsessed with blogs and have eleven…LOL.


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