Best of Baby Gates Down


It’s me again.

Thanks so much for choosing to spend some time with me on my blog.  I truly appreciate it.

I first put up this “Best of Page” in April 2014. Based on my analytics (not counting my Home Page, my About Me Page, or My Bloggy Birth Story), here’s the June 2016 update.

Number #5 – 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

In January of 2015 Yvonne and Lizzi started a movement – #1000Speak for Compassion. In a nutshell? The aim is to get bloggers to flood the Internet with good once a month on the 20th. Go check the main site and my post for more info, but I think they are “change the world-ers”. I look to be part of anything that comes next.

This was my call-out post for the #1000Speak movement. My description of where I was and why I hadn’t been currently (really) engaged. And why I no longer saw that as an excuse. I think there are many who want the world to change. I think this effort brought hope. I like to think my post helped those like me think about where they might engage.

Original photo from Yvonne Spence.

Number #4 – Will I Retire on Mulberry Street?

I was gifted a misbound copy of the book that launched Dr. Seuss. Read on to understand how this didn’t spontaneously translate into me retiring onto my own privately owned Island in the Sun (hip hip).

Number #3 – Salad Drama

Links to Source - Zomato Review

Links to Source – Zomato Review – I like mine with ham, not chicken.

I like to think of this as the post that proves you DO make friends with salad.

Here, I write about my horror at discovering Blue Gardenia, my favourite lunch-time salad place, had closed down … and my joy upon realizing there was another location.

Number #2 – TTOT I’m Not Caillou’s Mom

Okay, so this is what I guess you call a “slow burn” post. Apparently there’s enough keywords working here to keep Google satisfied. Sure, I mention Caillou, but also Cher, and Mariah. Maybe that’s the trifecta? Dunno. Here’s a video to enjoy while you ponder Google analytics. And for anyone curious, TTOT = Ten Things of Thankful, Lizzi’s weekend blog hop to celebrate the good – any and every good – in life.

Number #1 – What I Learnt Home Sick Today…

Here are my thoughts on Winx Club, after a day on the couch watching TV with my sick 5-year-old daughter. Apparently I’m not the only parent wondering about these here fae.


So, based on page views, that’s my most popular.  But I don’t want to end the introspection and sharing here!

Because, really, at this stage of life? This is the ONLY place I have that’s really ALL. ABOUT. ME.

So, in addition to those posts, here’s five more have been quite popular. Not necessarily top ten – but, IMO (and that of enough other peeps that they can’t all be wrong), are worth another look.

Ripples, Waves and My Compassion Lens

My post for the first month of the #1000Speak movement. It was the largest link up I’ve ever been a part of. It’s a blogging moment I remember. It really felt like something was taking hold for good on the Internet. In this post I talk about constructive, practical things I did and can do daily to be compassionate. Compassion doesn’t have to be grand gestures. An inability to do everything should never be a reason to do nothing. Compassion can be powerful in small daily doses.

The Thing About Office Coffee Club…

Coffee-lovers of the public service coordinate!


I had “pretend I’m ATIP and blank out names” fun here! This was the last schedule posted in our kitchen before I left the job…

If I had a Magic Wand

So apparently “magic wand” aspiration abounds – this was a popular post when it went up, but continues to be found online. Written in September 2013 as part of Finish the Sentence Friday, I wrote about (wait for it) what I would do if I had a …. magic wand. Apparently lots of people wonder the same thing because this is one of the Google searches that lands people on my blog. I kind of love the wishful quality of both the post and the idea that those searching for that kind of magic sometimes end up here.

The Least Amount of Responsibility

I’d had a rough week. One of those weeks where work-life and home-life in no way balance because both are demanding overtime. Where all of Ottawa is out of diaper genies, the grocery store won’t let me leave and there is nothing in the house that begins with the letter T for show and tell.

Kevin Spacey made me feel better. Maybe he’ll help you too?

Lullaby (For a Black Mother)

LullabyA post about my daughter choosing a beautifully illustrated picture book of Langston Hughes’ poem of same title. Our thoughts on the book, and my thoughts on how she was completely oblivious to the issue of race.

So, that winds up my Top of the Pops as it were. That said, here are a few posts I love that I think you should appreciate now, so as to avoid the rush.

Vampire A to D

So, ever since reading Dracula at 15 I’ve been hooked and in the past two decades I have amassed quite the collection of vampire fiction and movies. For the past two years in the week prior to Halloween, I have done a Vampire A to Z highlighting my favourites from the genre. Here’s the post that launched the 2014 list.

Playing Favourites

Where I tell you about Lisa, the girl who was awesome at everything; my younger brother, who was awesome at everything; Lisa’s younger brother, who I commiserated with at a bar one night in my twenties; my mother who thought this was ridiculous; my youngest when she passed her swimming lesson and lorded it over my eldest who hadn’t; and my thoughts on how to deal with this as a parent so as not to make your child undeservingly feel like this:


Links to source. Movie is A Knight’s Tale. Which, I think could also use a little more love.

I Don’t Care About Your Diet

I just don’t. Happy New Year.

Ukulele Grooves

I do a lot of music posts, which my stats tell me I really shouldn’t bother with, but it’s my blog and I’ll go my own way and all that.

Anyhoo – this is my most popular. And if you don’t get why, then you really need to click that there link. Because the ukulele is awesome and you really haven’t experienced the Sex Pistols until you’ve heard Anarchy in the UK played by a ukulele ensemble to a full audience in an orchestra hall clapping along.

Killing Independent Louise for #1000Speak

My husband use to joke about how our getting married was all about Killing Independent Chris. So here’s my obituary for Independent Louise and my thoughts on re-figuring out who you are again after the whirlwind of marriage, house and kids.

—Answer: House, then kids, while both working, can drive you to drink (naturally, never, EVER at the same time). If you share my goal of not finding solace in the Mommy Sippy Cup, read on!

House, then kids, while both working, can drive you to drink (naturally, never, EVER at the same time). If you share my goal of not finding long-term solace in the Mommy Sippy Cup, read on!

If you made it to the end – thank you for reading through and I hope you enjoyed what you read.  I generally update the page a few times a year.

I do hope you’ll surf about, comment, and visit again.

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  1. Hello. I came from the Daily Post, and you tempted me to one of these so it has worked. Congratulations!


  2. ooooh very cool! I like this idea!


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