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Anyone want to ask me a question?

Something like:

Hey Louise! Are you going to Vegas?

Then I’ll say:


My daycare provider is! And because we’re in homecare with no back-up, I’m taking the week off work to watch my kids!

ef3ca-tenthingsbannerAnd you know what?

That’s pretty much equally awesome.

And in my (try to be) weekly observations of the good in my life that’s Thankful #1.

A full week off work. Time with my kids. I have visions of things like “going to the gym” and “getting enough sleep” complimenting “walking my eldest to school” and “hanging at playgroup with my youngest.”

I’ll report back and let you know if reality matches rose-tinted hopeful.

I’m thankful for a resourceful father (Thankful #2). My youngest is at that awkward age where she feels too old for her high chair but is just a bit too short for a regular chair. We tried her on cushions to no avail. And then my father life-hacked a solution.

Elevated toddler chair!

Elevated toddler chair!

Problem solved!

I’m thankful for thoughtful gifts from family (Thankful #3). My eldest turned five last week and my parents and Aunt June obviously coordinated for a butterfly theme. My daughter loved it.

My eldest actually hasn’t yet been upstairs to see the butterflies hanging from her door. That was the result of my Saturday morning clean and she’s been watching TV downstairs. I’ll let you know how the discovery goes…

I’m thankful for my parents (Thankful #4) who, again, for the third week in a row, picked my kids up on Wednesday and took my eldest to her swimming lesson so I could work late.  My meeting then ended early so I got to hang out with my youngest at my parents while my dad fed me dinner, made me coffee and (wait for it) let me relax. We watched the news. Like grown ups. While my youngest basically did this:

So sort of like grown ups.

I’m thankful, as always for entertainment online (Thankful #5). In the last few weeks I’ve been followed by Ernest Hemingway and had tweets favourited by Wonder Woman.

On the first, I’m tempted to ask him to say hey to my Great Uncle Stanley. We have a bit of a family legend there that I’m now trying to hunt down to see if its post-worthy.

On the latter, I am now just tempted to keep hashtagging tweets with #WonderWoman to see if the Superhero is really on top of keeping up with the love of all her fans.  So far?  Yes!

I’m thankful for rewarding volunteer opportunities that challenge and sometimes push me out of my comfort zone (Thankful #6). I’ve mentioned a few times that I volunteer with my university Alumni Association.  Next weekend is the Second Annual Carleton Throwback (homecoming) Weekend, so we’re gearing up for a series of events – football game, wine tastings, speakers, pubs, magic shows, Athletic Hall of Fame inductions – and aside from looking forward to attending many of the events, I’ll probably be appearing on CTV Morning Live on Wednesday with the Carleton Conspiracy Band to talk about the weekend line up. Go Ravens!

I’m thankful to the kind girl at McDonald’s on Monday who took my two-year-old under her wing and continually boosted her up so she could climb and play on the playstructure in Playland for 20 minutes with the big kids.  She had a blast and me? Well, I finished my meal (Thankful #7).

I’m thankful that my mother-in-law will be coming down for the weekend to join us for (Canadian) Thanksgiving (Thankful #8). And with my youngest’s new trundle-bed, the girls can bunk together and we no longer need an air mattress! We’re so fancy.

I’m thankful my mother will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner because, well, I don’t have to cook (Thankful #9). And I’m a really awesome guest.

I’m thankful for my husband (Thankful #10). He doesn’t get enough play here. Six years ago today we got married. And we’re going out tonight. Like, on a date. We had a great day for our wedding, it’s been a great adventure so far, and I’m looking forward to what the rest of our lives together will bring.

This one just always makes me smile.  And I think it was the one that made the photographers portfolio.

This one always makes me smile. And I think it was the one that made the photographers portfolio.

And given the unknowns of marriage, the delight of freedom from work for a week, and the fact that my daycare provider has (literally) run off to Vegas, I thought I’d leave you with a clip from one of my favourite Vegas-themed films.

What are you thankful for this week?  Join the thankful here!

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