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You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet on the blog recently.

While sometimes that means I’m really busy with other aspects of life, that wasn’t the case this time.

This time, Crying Dolly and I were busy getting the blog into the Halloween spirit.

And we have something kind of special planned here for the next week.

My faithful readers are familiar with my Musical A to Z series.

Given how obviously popular that’s been, I thought I would try it with another one of my favourite obsessions: Vampires!

Ever since reading Dracula at 15 I’ve been hooked and in the past two decades I have amassed quite the collection of vampire fiction and movies.

So, starting on Saturday, I will be posting daily and delivering you a rogues gallery of sorts. My favourite vampire, or vampire related offering, for each letter of the alphabet.

A few letters a day, every day, bringing us to Halloween.

But first … I need to introduce my dolly co-host.

Anyone familiar with my blog (or anyone who has taken a quick glance at the sidebar or the banner) will notice we have a bit of a dolly theme going on over here.

I have two preschool girls, and they both collect dolls, so when I started the blog, I figured I would too.

So I couldn’t do a series without finding a dolly to do it with me.

Given my 5-year-old’s newfound dolly crush, the choice was obvious.

I just crossed my fingers and hoped she was available.

And she was!

So, ladies and gents, let me introduce you to Draculaura*, of Monster High fame.

Photo courtesy of all over the Internet following a Google search for “Free Draculaura Pictures” so I think I’m good. One example here: http://www.amazon.in/Monster-High-Ghouls-Rule-Draculaura/dp/B006O6EP14

According to Monster High lore, she’s Dracula’s daughter. I figure that’s sufficient royal pedigree for the week.

As for Monster High generally, my eldest – now five – has recently decided it’s her new favourite thing. Freaky Fusion was her pick at the rental store a few weeks back and she has been going on about them ever since.

You may think she’s a little young, but she worked out my vampire obsession when she was a little shy of four. For a while, it had gotten to the point when I was watching TV and there was a “bad guy” she’d ask if it was a vampire. Mean client on the Good Wife? Vampire. Person standing accused on Law and Order? Vampire. Any random person on Lost? Vampire….

Anyway, I was at Target the other day and discovered Monster High has a whole series of books I’ll be able to read with my daughter when she is a little bit older. I’ve already told her about them, but explained she needs to learn all her letters and some beginner reading first. I’m currently thinking this might actually work as motivation and possibly end up being a fun way to share my favourite obsession with the next generation.

So getting back to that obsession…

You will also notice that my top doll has also gotten with the spirit for the week. And if you are worried about him getting scared or cold hanging in the graveyard all week, in a rare dry-eyed moment, Crying Dolly* admitted to me that he was just so pleased to be asked out somewhere new.

Let’s not tell him what’s coming, shall we?

But for any of you out there who might like to play along and take a few guesses as to who might be featured, I’ve made us a worksheet to see us through the week:

Vampire A_Zlist_Blank

Until then, if you are eager for a bit of vampire fun, might I direct you to my Vampire Pinterest Board. It’s still pretty new but I suspect it will grow over the week.

Looking forward to seeing you over the week here! Remember to bring your crosses, holy water and garlic.

Happy Halloween! Let’s have some fun!

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*Disclaimer: In case there is any concern or confusion, I just want to let you know that I don’t actually know Draculaura and I don’t talk to or have any live interaction with her or Crying Dolly – or any other dollies – except when I’m playing with my girls, or apparently having a bit of fun here on the Blog. I invite you to join in on the fun with us this week.