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There are weeks that I rock the working parent thing.

And then there are weeks like the last two. Where I end most days feeling like I need this:

Ah. All better now.

Well, a little better.

I started this fall linking up with the Nectar Collective’s Weekly Wishes as a way to try to keep on target and meet goals. Melyssa, the host, encourages those who participate to recap how they did on their past goals and then set new ones moving forward.

Aside from my sometimes maniacal need for order in life, the badge also just spoke to me:

The Nectar Collective

It felt a bit like I’d found my tribe online.

But it’s been an overwhelmingly busy couple of weeks.

So, suffice to say, my goals, well – why don’t we just start the recap?

Goal #1: Keep up on preparing lunch the night before for the kids. A+ success here. I got this.

Goal #2: Write at least two blog posts a week.  B-. This worked until last week, which I just skipped completely what with the chaos of life.

Goal #3: Submit my second September Ottawa Mommy Club article. A+ Done.  Went up September 24th – I waxed poetic about the transition of my youngest to her Big Girl Bed.

Sippy Cup #2.  B: July 2014. D: October 2014.  R.I.P.

Sippy Cup #2. B: July 2014. D: October 2014. R.I.P.

Goal #4: Gym once a week; bring lunch twice; no alcohol at home. D-. I think I’ve been to the gym twice since mid-September. I’ll get back on lunch track soon.  As for alcohol? Yeah, my husband actually broke my sippy cup this morning. He felt terrible. I’m going to take it as a sign.

Goal #5: Sort kiddy clothes. Yeah. They’ll soon have squatting rights to the laundry room. Carry forward.

Goal #6: Figure out about donating a crib. A+ success.  Found a local charity called Helping With Furniture that provides gently used furniture to families in need with a focus on newcomers to Canada. They are picking it up November 12.

Goal #7: Bedtime reading: Get through Volume 1 of the Children’s Bible with my 4-year-old. B-. We’re almost done.

So there’s the recap. It’s actually not as bad as I thought.

I do feel better!

Here’s this week’s goals:

Goal #1

Two blog posts. Ideally I’d like to get “S” in my Musical A to Z series out. It’s been partially written for over a week.

Goal #2

Submit first October Ottawa Mommy Club article.  Start my next one. Stay on track with that commitment.

Goal #3

Gym once and no alcohol between now and the weekend. I’m taking my broken sippy as the sign to run with that one.

Goal #4

Sort kiddy clothes for donation.

Goal #5

Finish watching Lost on Netflix. Seriously. It’s kept me sane for the last two weeks. With my current level of crazy in life something about being trapped on a magical tropical island where you mainly hang out of the beach all day and food randomly drops from the sky kind of appeals to me. Sure, people try to kill you once in a while, but … sunny! And when you have a work assignment, they usually give you very clear instructions and – if you don’t think too much about how completely nonsensical the task is (eg: push that button every 108 minutes to SAVE THE WORLD) it gives you a nice sense of purpose. On balance it sounds like my kind of place.


Goal #6

Set limits for work. Don’t take it home. Take lunch. Find time in the day sometime before Friday to take the 20 minute walk required to pick up my dry cleaning.

CosmicBadgeSo there’s my list for the week. I could, like last time, give you a list of everything else I managed to get done this week, but I’d like to focus on one additional thing I successfully navigated: I successfully booked, hosted and survived my five-year-olds’ birthday at Cosmic Adventures last weekend. Ten friends; indoor gym and arcade; on a rainy day that coincided with Eid. They gave the birthday party parents stickers to identify them. I was still wearing mine when we got home (post a quick needed grocery shop) and my husband pointed out I should take it off.

No way. I EARNED IT.

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