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To quote Rihanna – I’ll drink to that!


For the past two weeks, on Saturdays, I’ve been participating in a “Saturday Top Five Laughs” Blog hop hosted by Melissa over at the Mommyhood Chronicles.  This week’s list is a bit different – a mix of some moments with the family that I found funny as well as some moments that I just have to look back on and smile – ’cause it is what it is.

So that said, I give you: My Top Five Laughs of the Week


Number Five

  • Sometimes my three-year-old randomly channels full-grown adults.  We are sitting at dinner last night and she is asking to play on the computer after dinner.  I am talking to my husband and so not fully focussed on the request and say something like, “maybe” and continue my discussion.  Not having gotten the answer she wants she politely interrupts me as follows:  “Mommy, you aren’t listening to me.”  I stop and turn to her.  “I said I’d like to play Strawberry Shortcake on the computer after dinner.  Just for a little bit.  Please.”   That was it.  No tantrum.  No yelling.  Suffice to say we played Strawberry Shortcake.

Number Four

  • In case from the above you now think I am a parenting ROCK GODDESS, we also recently took our kids out for sushi.  There is an all you can eat sushi/Japanese food buffet near our place where kids eat for a great price (we love you, 168 Sushi).  My husband and I had settled in with our two girls, gotten our drinks and the first round of food (our eldest was digging into her edamame and California role while the youngest was attacking some stir fry) and everything was going swimmingly.  Then the couple beside us leant over and very nicely said, “Your children are so well-behaved!”  We really should have just ended the evening there.  It’s like kids hear these comments and NEED to prove them wrong.  Three trips to the bathroom; two crying fits; three loud outbursts; and two collections of discarded food on the floor later, the couple beside us (after observing the beginning of the decline) left; we mopped large amounts of discarded food off the floor ourselves; tipped 20% in apology; and left dragging our children behind us.

Number Three

  • We’re playing after dinner (apparently our lives revolved around food this week) and I start dancing to the CD we have on.  Sometimes my daughter will dance with me.  But not this time.  She looks at me and yells, “Stop!  Mommy, you aren’t allowed to dance!”  Without thinking I turned to her and yelled back, “Who made you the mayor in Footloose?”  Hubs laughed and she looked confused.  But I sincerely think she’s going to look back on this moment in, like, ten years, and she’s going to laugh.  ‘Cause that was improv comedy GOLD, folks.

Number Two

  • I love that my three-year-old’s vocabulary is expanding daily.  I also love that she uses my phrases.  It’s a nice barometer of how I overuse certain words.  As an example, she is currently starting and ending many of her sentences with the word “actually”.  “Actually, Mom, I think we should go swimming.”  “Actually, that’s not right.  You need to do it this way!”  “Mom, I’d like some cake, actually.”  You get the idea…

Number One

  • It’s my youngest daughter’s first birthday next week and we’re having a party for her on the weekend.  It’s been a busy week – and so on top of all the other stuff we’re doing the planning for that and also getting questions from everyone re: what she’d like for her birthday.  She’s our second daughter.  She doesn’t really NEED anything.  So I’ve just started telling everyone she’s really into spa pedicures and French wine.  We’ll see how that pans out.