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With holidays and life just being generally busy, I’ve missed this for a few weeks.

So without further ado, I give you, as part of Melissa’s Blog Hop over at the Mommyhood Chronicles:

My Top Five Laughs of the Week


Number Five

  • My 3-year-old is very excited that I have next week off work.  Before I left for work yesterday she stopped to ask me if we could make cupcakes when I’m home next week.  I said yes, we sure can.  She looked excited.  Thought some more and then asked if we could make kale chips.  Kale chips?  We made them once.  About four months ago.  And they rank with cupcakes? I’m just gonna run with it.  Yes.  We can TOTALLY make kale chips.

Number Four

  • My daughter is a huge Eggo waffle fan.  So much so that she sometimes enjoys eating them frozen if she can’t bring herself to wait the 90 seconds it takes the toaster to heat them up.  And being little miss independent she can get them from the freezer herself.  Sadly, though, we ran out of waffles this week.  However, I was finishing getting ready for work earlier this week; came down; and realized she had gotten herself a frozen hamburger patty from the freezer, and was happily clutching that in her little hands.  Trauma ensues as I removed it and tried to explain it wasn’t a waffle.

Number Three

  • Sometimes life gives you pretty overt messages.  I’ve recently gained about 5 pounds due in part to stress at work and resulting bad food/drink choices.  I was out for dinner with the family at a pizza place two week’s ago and ordered a small personal pizza.  I figured one small pizza couldn’t do much harm.  I go to take a bite and pizza grease shoots out, lands on my chin and burns me.  So I had a bright red scar on my chin for the next week.  I still have the remnants of the scar over two weeks later.  If ever there was a sign I shouldn’t be eating pizza, I think that was it.  And if I need a reminder?  Well, it’s still faintly there.

Number Two

  • Every Monday evening, I have a tradition of going to our local movie rental store with my two girls to rent two kiddy movies for the week (Yes, we still have a movie rental store.  And I love it.  Two movies for the week cost $4.50.  THAT’S entertainment.  So we’re supporting it). We are currently on a Disney kick (which is pretty awesome).  More oddly specific, we’re alphabetically on a Disney “P” kick.  Last week we rented Peter Pan.  And this week we rented Pocahontas and Pinocchio. If you want some fun, try getting your 3-year-old to use both of THOSE in a sentence.  I think she’ll have them both down by the time we return them, but it’s a work in progress.

Number One

  • My 3-year-old is now playing a new game where she and I switch roles.  So I get to be her, and she gets to be me.  She tried this at Sunday dinner last week at my parents house so I decided to have some fun with it.  I asked to sit on her lap.  After a while she asked me to get off because I was heavy.  So I asked to go to the bathroom.  Three times.  Then I asked to sit on her lap again (she said no.  Maybe later).  So then I pointed out that her baby (ie: little sister) was crying and maybe needed a bottle.  Then I asked to sit on her lap again…. It was strangely cathartic.