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Ah!  Daily Prompt – thank you, as always, for asking me to talk about me.

It so rarely happens in other aspects of my life.

Today you asked: What would it take for you to consider yourself a “successful blogger“?

Meh!  I’m Type A – so now that I’ve been at this blogging thing for about three months, I’m kinda dreaming of getting dressed for Freshly Pressed success.

Which would naturally lead to a book deal.

Then the talk show circuit (Note to self: Find time to re-colour my hair).

Then a movie.

With a sequel.

That would – despite what ALL the critics think – manage against all odds to be BETTER than the original.

If you – you know – listened to what the FANS were saying.

Because – as I’ll explain in that feature piece they’ll do in the Times – it’s always been about the FANS.  They understood from the start that I spoke for all of US.  That’s right: Little Miss Voice of OUR generation.  Those who read just KNEW that my experience was so unique …  yet concurrently universal …  so as to really resonate not only with my peers but also with those who ASPIRED to be my peers.  Because who doesn’t want to watch Dora until they go bonkers; be able to name all the Disney princesses and My Little Ponies; play fairies like NOBODY’S watching (except your 3-year-old who remembers inconsistencies in prior plot developments with FBI-like precision so don’t be getting lazy with the storyline); and pick Cheerios off the floor while simultaneously hosting a 7:00-7:30 PM dance party to Raffi like it’s retro in a Throwback Thursday clubbin’ cool way, rather than a desperate “why can’t you just go the f**k to sleep already” way?

They’d write – in that feature about MOI! – about how I took the lifestyle parenting blog to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  How my sporadic once or twice a week (or less) posts were so fresh and funny – and somehow just all the more quirky for their inconsistency in both frequency and quality – that they really were the canary in the coal mine, so to speak, signalling the paradigm shift in the medium that is ….

Okay I’m done now.

Sorry, what was the question again?

Right.  What would it take for me to consider myself a successful blogger?

Don’t get me wrong.  I have writing aspirations.  But right now?  Success for me is simply maintaining a blog.  Posting a few times a week.  Connecting with those out there I find interesting or can relate to.  And – and this is a biggie – doing it while not sacrificing quality time spent with my ACTUAL family and in my ACTUAL life.

I know – given my personality – that I could spent HOURS on blogging.  I look with awe – and not just a little bit of envy – at some of the more polished blogs out there.  But I mostly want to LIVE my life.  I don’t want blogging to feel like it’s pulling me away from that.

So blogging daily isn’t realistic.

A few times a week?  The elusive “quality over quantity”?  That’s success at the moment.