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Yay long weekend!

It’s been a big – and long – week over here.  First week at a new job for me; second last week of parental leave for my husband; and my eldest started school.

Let’s all pause for an appropriate moment of parental wonder on that last point.

Still pausing.

Excellent!  Now moving on.

On Saturdays there is usually this lovely blog hop over at Melissa’s Mommyhood Chronicles that I join when I have a chance.

She’s on holidays this week so, while Candice from New Modern Momma is graciously guest posting on theme, there is no hop – as such.

But I’ve gotten use to listing out some of my humorous weekly highlights.  So, being a creature of habit (who had the post already well underway) I’m doin’ it anyway.

So, with that said, I give you:

My Top Five Laughs of the Week


Number Five

  • I was out grocery shopping on Monday with my two daughters and my eldest was toting around a little cloth farm she was using as a purse.  As we got out of the car she turns and informs me that she has daddy’s money in the farm and that he wasn’t getting it back!  Sure enough, I looked inside and there was three bucks in coffee change my husband had left on the counter.  Well done sweetie!

Number Four

  • When my daughters play dress up now my one-year-old has taken to wearing empty diaper genie refills as a crown.  Sometimes she’ll give it to me to wear.  Very thoughtful.  I try to put it back in the garbage, but she continues to determinedly pick it out of the waste basket and put it back on her head.  I don’t know about you, but I see a Paper Bag Princess fan in my future.

Number Three

  • A headline that caught my eye on Monday was: Helium Shortage Leaves Balloon Business Deflated.  As I quickly learnt from reading the article, it’s a serious issue.  But first thought in my mind?  The children!  The children!  Won’t someone think of the children!  A helium balloon is definitely the instant cure of all woe over here.  I’ll have to up my parenting game if there’s suddenly a shortage.

Number Two

  • I had some fun mid-week with my two girls and chalk on the driveway.  This is what I drew at the end of the driveway to dissuade them from going into the road.  Too much?
Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf when she doesn't listen to her mother and tries to LEAVE THE DRIVEWAY.

Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Wolf when she doesn’t listen to her mother and tries to LEAVE THE DRIVEWAY.

Unfortunately, it didn’t really have the scary dissuasive effect I was going for.  Sadly, I never was very good at art.

Number One

  • My youngest currently has two favourite stuffed animals: 1) A lamb bought for her by my brother and his wife and 2) A bunny bought for her by my maid of honour.  By way of back story, my eldest has a bunny that my maid of honour bought for her that goes EVERYWHERE with us, so the lamb bought for my youngest was from the same company; as was the bunny bought by my good friend.  I mentioned to both purchasers that she likes both but has yet to pick a favourite.  Another friend then suggested I should provide status updates on the fight for dominance between the two of them.  I can see it now:  Bunny vs. Lamb: Two enter the ring…. but only one can exit.  Or maybe it’s a love triangle?  I haven’t worked the details out yet.  In any event, the photo results on the Internet when I Googled “Bunny vs Lamb” were enjoyable.  This is the one I liked the best:
Two animals.  One preschooler.  But there can only be ONE favourite stuffy.  How will it end?

Two animals. One toddler. But there can only be ONE favourite stuffy. How will it end? Photo credit: http://www.falklandislands.com/section.php/78/1/island_hopping