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Another week done.  Let’s recap the LOVE, shall we?

Linking up again with Melissa from the Mommyhood Chronicles for her:


Top Five Laughs of the Week

Number 5

  • We’re at my aunt’s for a family meal last Saturday when my brother and sister-in-law pull up.  My cousin’s 16-year-old son looks at the car and goes, “Who’s that?”  I answer.  He then asks if they got a new car.  I say no, why?  And he replies, “Didn’t they use to drive some crappy old green Mazda?”  To which I then had to explain, “No, that’s our car.”  He was nice enough to look a bit awkward about the whole thing.   As for my 2003 Mazda Protégé, it may be rusting away before our eyes, but it still gets us from A to B and we will be driving it until it dies (may it not be soon, may it not be soon, may it not be soon…..)

Number 4

  • My eldest is playing under our dinner table after dinner a few nights ago as my husband and I are still finishing up eating.  We are discussing who will do the dishes, and he tells me not to because he will do them … later.  I give him a look and he goes, “Hey, if I say I’m going to do something, I usually do it, right?”  A voice from under the table wafts up saying, “No, no, no, no.”  Had nothing to do with our conversation, but the timing was pretty much perfect.

Number 3

  • My brother and sister-in-law bought my 4-year-old a dark pink and black tutu for her birthday.  So she has been wearing it everywhere.  She currently has a jean jacket for fall weather, so the tutu and the jacket combination – generally with a shirt underneath that prominently features SPARKLES – makes her look, I think, rather …. um, punk rock.  I couldn’t snap a good photo (I tried) but this one hopefully gives you a bit of idea.


It has resulted in me going around humming Sheena is a Punk Rocker all week.  Then I went to You Tube with every intention of finding the Ramones video for the song and discovered this Yeah Yeah Yeahs cover.  I’ve decided – based solely on this video – that girl punk rock fashion and girl four-year-old fashion really aren’t that different.  I suspect if I showed this video to my daughter, she’d have a new idol.

Number 2

  • Meanwhile, going through the summer photos, I came across this one of my youngest.  Apparently pretty psyched for football season.


Number 1

  • I know I’ve referenced it here before – but we’ve hit Barbie era in our home.  For my daughter’s fourth birthday she asked for …. Barbies.  And she got … six of them.  They now pretty much go everywhere with her.   Really, that’s what’s in the bag in the above photo.  She also got some Barbie changes of clothing.  One Barbie had a two piece outfit – a top that ALMOST looks like a very short skirt, with pink leggings.  Anyway, my daughter kept just taking poor Barbie’s pants off.  And I kept putting them back on.  Over days.  I’m putting her to bed two nights ago and Barbie – again – is celebrating “No Pants” hour.  I find a replacement pair of pants – that kind of match – and re-dress Barbie.  But, these, I am hotly informed, are the WRONG PANTS.  I try to convince her they work.  That Barbie likes variety in her wardrobe.  I mean, really, see closet below.  No go.  WRONG PANTS.  We play dolls in bed for a few minutes before lights out and the plot line of the play?  That one Barbie has the WRONG PANTS and how terrible this is for her.  I turn the lights off as the drama continues…  voice in the darkness working through this trying, first world, issue.  I had no idea that, at four, we were already so fashion conscious.   As for Barbie generally?  Wondering if in her myriad of careers, she was ever a punk rocker?