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This post is part of the fabulous blog hop that is Jen Kehl’s Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesdays.

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This week Twisted Mixed Tape’s gone NAUGHTY.

The theme this week?  Cheating Songs.

Have to say, I’m not even a strong country music fan, and that’s right where my brain went when I heard that theme.  So I’ll start off with a nod to a genre that has, well, dealt with this issue a few (gazillion) times in recent history.  I’ll be giving you my top pick from this genre a bit further on down the list – but I’d like to start off with this one from the TV Show Nashville.  I suspect this show is really just one big advertisement aimed at creating new country music fans – and it totally works!  Here’s Wrong Song – ’cause that really does kind of set the tone:

Next up – we of course need to give a shout out to all the upstanding fellows of the rap and hip hop genres.  ‘Cause I know that whenever I watch a hip hop video, and watch all those bikini clad women gyrating by that one fully dressed stud, I think: now there’s a genre that encourages healthy faithful relationships!  I give you Shaggy’s “Wasn’t Me” which pretty much sums it up while being campy and catchy.  I remember dancing many a night away to this one in university:

Now in case you’re all thinking it’s just the men folk who are dogs – nope, women play around and wax poetic about it in song too.  Here’s Rihanna’s Unfaithful.   I find she’s one of the current singers I can’t help but like.  So obviously talented.   As for this weeks theme?  Well, the title kind of sums it up.  Feel free to skip past the first 50 seconds of the video if you’d like to jump right to the song.

Next up I give you a song which I’m really not sure is about cheating.  But I have a very vivid childhood memory of listening to this song and hitting that line about how poor Cecelia’s lover gets up to wash his face, and when he comes back, someone else is in bed with her!  Once I was old enough to be scandalized, I certainly was!  Then apparently it’s all good by the end of the song?!  Tween me (well, 11-year-old me, I don’t think the term tween had been coined yet) was so confused as to why she wasn’t just kicked to the curb.

Anyway, here’s Simon and Garfunkel’s song about Cecelia: that lady of questionable character:

Now, to end this evening of wrong songs, I really do have to return to the genre that does it best.  There are so many songs I could have added – and if I had more space, I’d definitely be adding Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s Picture, because I think those crazy kids are gonna move past their issues and work it out.  But staying firmly in the land of hurt and woe, my last choice is from the always awesome Garth Brooks.  This was the first song I ever heard from him – and it was enough to make me hunt him down and listen to some more.  Here’s The Thunder Rolls.  Funny thing?  I remember watching the video on television back in the day, but it was nowhere to be found on YouTube.  Huh.  I cringed a bit when I hit the typos in this mix, but it’s what I found:

Okay – so therein ends my song choices for this week.  However, because I just can’t end on such a down note, I’m going to include this song from a dual web sensation.  It’s not about cheating, but about possible motivations for guys sometimes acting, well, less than awesome in relationships.  It makes me laugh every time I see it for (what I hope is) its ability to poke fun at the current stereotypes.  It gives me some hope for those still looking for their happily ever after.  Here’s Nice Guys Finish Last:

Until next time!