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Greetings and salutations from ’round II of the Polar Vortex. We had a nice break for about two weeks, but now we’re back to cold again.  Like this:

I’m going to link back to this in a bit.  Trust me.  It’ll be totally seamless.  But my point?  I am So. Over. Winter.

I missed Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful Linkup last week (I could go on and on and ON AND ON as to why, but really it’s a confluence of first world issues).   That said, I’m doubly committed to re-joining Team Attitude of Gratitude this week.


So, without any further dilly-dallying, here goes:

Number 10

I’m thankful for the overwhelmingly positive response I got to my awards acceptance post last week.  I had been working on it for a while, so it felt great to know it was well received!  I’m so thankful for all my blog friends.

Number 9

I’m thankful to Suzie from suzie81’s blog for choosing me as one of her New Year’s Blog Competition Winners and posting my link for the week beside some other amazing bloggers.  I found out Monday morning, and it was a fabulous way to start the week!  I really enjoy her blog – and check out the pretty button she made me!


As part of the contest, I also get to sport her “Creative Award”.  You can check that out in my side bar in my new “bloggy bling” section – which supports my newfound support for blog awards.  I figure, if you are going to go “in”, you should go all in – right?

Number 8.5

I figure I should only have so many blog-related thankfuls – so this is a half-thankful.  I mentioned previously that I signed up to do the WordPress Zero to Hero challenge.  Well, my confluence of first world issues kind of made me fall behind on that.  I’m glad this post counts for a few days of that challenge!  Woo hoo!  The day 22 challenge was to do a post for a blogging event (tada!) and the day 24 challenge (which would be today!) is to comment on two (I’ll TOTALLY do more) of the posts from participants in the event.  Oooh Yeah.  Kind of on track!

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

Number 8

I was thankful for a fun evening out on Tuesday night where I got to first go watch my favourite basketball team defeat our cross-town rivals (Go Ravens!) and then got to go watch my friend play Open Mic Night at the Royal Oak on the Canal – which is quickly becoming one of my favourite pubs (and not only because they gave me a free beer scarf on one of my recent visits).  It was the first time I heard him in years.  And, really?  What’s not to love about an acoustic version of Britney’s “(Hit me) Baby One More Time”?

Number 7

I am thankful for distance education course extensions as I accept defeat again in that I really won’t be finishing my macroeconomics course by the end of February.  Full time job, two kids, desire for some sort of life…. I honestly don’t know how mature part-time students do it.  I bow down in awe to those who manage successfully.

Number 6

I was thankful for fun new things learnt courtesy of blogging.  Thanks to Sam from My Write Side, I rushed out and rented Pitch Perfect last night.  Oh wow!  What an awesome movie!  It’s like 2012’s version of Bring it On!  Really – same formula – except they sing rather than cheer.  I liked it then; I like it now.   Here’s a taste (same thing Sam posted – but it hooked me, so there you go):

Number 5

I was thankful for a good week at work.  Got lots done.  Things moved.  Things worked.  The end.

Number 4

I was thankful that my husband fixed our front walkway closet door this morning.  It came off the hinges in mid-December and has just been sitting there in the way ever since.  He “kept meaning to get around to it” and just never did.  I have staunchly refused to fix it becuase this is apparently the passive aggressive “this is a blue job dammit!” hill that I was prepared to die on.  He has friends coming over this afternoon, which he apparently wants to impress enough that he fixed the door.  I have to remember to never underestimate the power of shame as a motivator….

Number 3

I am thankful that we didn’t throw out our infant car seat in our last purge.  My sister-in-law is pregnant and we had offered it to her.  For the record, I know these are things you aren’t suppose to use second-hand, but it is less than 5 years old and we’ve never had an accident or anything.  Basically, I’d be using it if we had a third, so I feel safe offering it to my future neice or nephew.  Anyway, after multiple back and forths concerning expiration dates and whether she should buy new, she had decided on new and we were getting ready to toss it.  I then got a message from her this week asking if we still had it.  They are in a bit of an uncertain housing/work situation at the moment and it’ll be good as a temporary fix until they figure out what’s up.  I’m thankful we still had it and could help out.

Number 2

I’m thankful that we might have found a solution for our “we need to buy a new car” issue.  More on that soon if it pans out.  More on that either way as we’ll have to figure something out shortly.

Number 1

I’m thankful for the wonderful programming that is available for young children here in Ottawa.  Ottawa Macaroni Kid is running a Family Favourite Awards for 2014.  I’ve done so many wonderful programs with my kids.  Some of my favourites have been Making Music Meaningful (which I did with both my girls) and the wonderful FREE programing and drop in playgroups run through our local Ontario Early Years Centre.  As an example there, I’m currently thankful for some nice mother-daughter time with my eldest on Wednesday nights for the next six weeks at Esso Family Math being run through our Ontario Early Years Centre.  All that to say, I went and voted for my favourites and am looking forward to finding some new gems!


That’s it from me for this week.  Until next time!