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So I’ve been (sort of) following along with the WordPress 30 Day Zero to Hero Challenge.

I'm a Zero to Hero Blogger!

While I know we are on Day 27 of the challenge, I’d like to report back on our Day 3 assignment – because I did it!  It just took a bit more time.   For the record, I think that also counts as today’s assignment: Revisiting a past assignment.

Anyway, on Day 3, we were challenged to write the post that was on your mind when you decided to start a blog.

I didn’t have one specific post in my mind when I started this blog last June – shortly after the end of my second Mat Leave.

However, among other things, I’d spent my maternity leave reading and watching the continuing development of two local Ottawa online parenting communities: Ottawa Mommy Club and Kids in the Capital and thinking how I’d like to write for them.

I then figured, well maybe I should have my own blog first.  So here it is!

And once I was up and running here, I promptly never got around to figuring out something to submit to either of those blogs.

But with a new year, comes new focus, yes?

So I posted that I wanted to do this as one of my blog goals for the year.

And Kamerine, who blogs over at Life of K, and contributes to both blogs, wonderfully reached out, answered a few questions, facilitated and intro and ….

Here’s my first article over at Ottawa Mommy Club.  It’s about my resolution last New Year’s to lose my baby weight.  You can read all about it by clicking that there little link above.  Or you can check out their site generally by clicking this here button:


At any rate, please go have a read.  Here’s to small steps to meeting this year’s goals!  As for where I can go and grow from here?  Well, I will aim to submit monthly and get started on my next piece now!