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It’s been a busy few days.

I had to catch up on some coursework this weekend; then real life friends and family had the nerve to cut into my blogging life (I know! Pfft! Right?!); and we’re down a key body at work this week so things are humming there too.

So that’s why I’m a bit late posting this week for Jen’s weekly Twisted Mixed Tape Blog Hop.

But I was looking forward to this one – so I’m not skipping out.

And it’s moments like these, when one NEEDS to unwind, that a few guilty pleasures just make the blogging, wine, and belated take-out sushi dinner THAT. MUCH. BETTER.

Because that’s Jen’s theme this week: Guilty Pleasures: Songs or Bands you hate to admit you love.

We all have them.

Those songs we secretly LOVE that, well, we wouldn’t really … mention  … in … certain company.

Despite knowing every word and ROCKIN’ IT in front of the mirror while singing into a hairbrush.

Hypothetically speaking.

Check out other guilty pleasures here:


As for mine? I decided to go with some of the female artists I have forever loved, but have never yet featured on this hop.

So let’s get started, shall we?

1.   Stacey Q – Two of Hearts (1986)

So this song implanted itself in my soul at the tender age of about ten.  I’d been taking tap dance lessons since I was five and was ready for something … more mature.  So I was signed up for jazz.  For the end of year concert, those of us in the beginner class did a nice sedate shimmy to Madonna’s “True Blue“.

The senior jazz class danced to this.  And, in my humble pre-teen opinion, they were awesome.  And the song was EDGY (in my 10 year-old-opinion).  I remembered it long after and when I hit my teens, got a job, and hit the age of disposable income, I finally figured out who sang it, went out and bought the TAPE.  And sang in front of my mirror like a pop star to it.  Interspersed with Depeche Mode binges.  And other stuff we’ll get to … right about now.

2.  Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls (1987)

So, this song also hit big when I was 10.  I even remember that this album was the fourth “pop” album I ever owned.  And honestly, I think I liked her because I understood she was kinda bad.  Of course, I was 10, so I was a bit unclear on exactly how.  But I got that the song was edgy – like the senior jazz class edgy.  And well, there’s the accent.  And pink hair.  And the (somehow now less) funny insinuation that “moving like your 40” is something to avoid.  I own her first three albums and I love them all.

3.  Alanis Morissette – Too Hot (1991)

So forget Canadian content – here’s some straight up Ottawa content.  Alanis went to one of the rival high schools in town so it was a BIG DEAL when she hit big.  I had friends who got her to SIGN THEIR YEARBOOK.  Her twin brother once coached my swim team and I once saw her perform at the Tulip Festival back even before Too Hot hit when she was singing with Dominic D’Arcy – the Singing Policeman.

Yeah.  I’ll give you all a moment to bask in the aura of someone who ALMOST met someone famous.

Not done yet?

Okay I’ll wait.



So this album – her first – kind of got forgotten when Jagged Little Pill (which I love) exploded.  But I found it at a garage sale in my 20s and every now and then when I’m in the mood for well, early 90s pop, it hits the spot.

4.  Britney Spears – Circus (2008)

So, I’ve mentioned a few times that I have a soft spot for Ms. Spears, but I have yet to put up one of her songs.  I choose this one because a) I love the concept b) it’s the only album I ever owned two of, because the same day I went out to buy it my husband also went and got it for me; and c) it is so perfectly everything I love about Britney.  Total Mickey Mouse Club training all polished up in big girl shoes.  She’s the full package.  Total entertainment.   I love the pageantry, the polish, the dance, the lions…  And broadly speaking, when she has her shit together?  She really does seem to be running life like a circus.  Who wouldn’t want that?

5.  Christina Aguilera – Dirrty (2002)


I remember having mixed feelings about this one when it hit big.  I remember thinking, “Why are you doing this?  You’re not Britney! You can be successful on vocal talent alone.  You don’t need to go all Miley Cyrus twerk and tongue.”  [Note: My love for Britney was still developing at this stage; though I maintain they are artists who appeal to me for different reasons.  Britney brings the show.  That’s why I love her.  I think Christina’s voice is beautiful.  So that’s what I’m tuning in for there].

Okay, so about the Miley bit?  I didn’t use those EXACT terms in 2002, but the thought was the same. And I’m pretty sure the … artistic intent was the same.  Namely to break away from associations with a younger image.

Many deeper thinkers than me have spilled a lot of ink on the subject and instead of waxing on for a few paragraphs I think I’ll just say I continue to have mixed feelings.

It is what it is.

That said?

I love it THIS Christina song.

Specifically, former 10-year-old me loves it.

Because it’s TOTALLY senior jazz class edgy.