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Happy Sunday all!

I was going to post this yesterday, and then WordPress distracted me because their daily prompt linked so well with something I had half-written a while ago and then left to languish in my draft folder, so I finished and posted that one instead.

And I feel quite good about it.  Go me.

So that brings me a little late to the Thankful rally.  But I’m here now, sporting my attitude of gratitude.

For those uninitiated, Lizzi and her co-hosts challenge us each week to list ten things from the past week we are thankful for.  Please check them out – it’s a great group of bloggers:


So let’s get this party started yes?

Number 10

I’m thankful for my daughter’s very reasonable class size of twenty.  I took the girls to a birthday party last Sunday and ended up speaking to a special education teacher who has just returned from maternity leave to her school where class sizes go up to 35.  She explained that she doesn’t have her own class – and is rather thankful for that.  Instead she works with kids in various different classes.  We discussed how it was pretty near impossible to really “teach” 35 kids – particularly when a good number of those are also going to have special needs or be ESL.  So again, so very thankful for my daughter’s wonderful school.

Number 9

I’m thankful for Disney movie nights with my girls.  On Friday we rented 101 Dalmatians (again) as well as Disney’s Frozen.  It turned into family night for all four of us on the couch for Frozen and my 4-year-old is now running around singing “Do You Want to Build a Snow Man”.

As a note, this works well, given that, despite the fact that Spring has technically arrived, this is still very doable.

Number 8

I’m also thankful for the timing of Frozen’s release and fun on Twitter.  We woke up to a whole new dumping of snow Saturday morning.  So really, the funny write’s itself:

Number 7

While we’re on the subject of random fun discoveries on the Internet, I’m thankful for other such finds.  So in response to reading that Laura A. Lord over at History of a Woman, collects rubber ducks, my daughters and I decided to put together this little photo shoot of all the rubber duckies in the house that we could find.  I’d note this is about half of the ducks we own.  For instance, I KNOW we’re missing army duck.  And Bride and Groom duck.  And monkey duck.  I’m suspecting a bunch of them are in the shed with the wading pool and summer toys.

Strike a pose.  Quack Quack.

Strike a pose. Quack Quack.

I’m also currently having quite a bit of fun on Tumblr.  Not ready to permanently link to the proper blog as I’m still working things out, but you can find me here.  Basically, it’s currently housing amusing gifs and pictures I think will come in bloggy useful…

Number 6

I’m thankful I made it back to the gym this week.  Twice.  It was painful.  But I did it.  I fell off the “healthy” wagon about a month ago.  Combination of got busy, had various going out plans that simply conflicted with regular gym time, and then I got sick so there went another two weeks.  I’m hoping if I make it another two times this coming week that I’ll be back on track.

Number 5

I’m thankful for the kindness and thoughtfulness of my daughters. At four and almost two they play well together. They go fetch each others toys or juices. Sure, sometimes that’s so they can have a sip or a bite of the other’s snack, but it’s mostly to be helpful.

When we went out for dinner earlier this week, my eldest offered to pay. She then took the bill and my credit card and proceeded to the cash. I followed to “help out.”

At dinner last night, my eldest asked for a second desert and we said no. She asked why. We explained that you can’t always get everything you want. As an example, my husband then said, “For instance, I want a million dollars, but I’m not getting it.” I then added, “and I’d like a pony.” She seemed to accept this and dinner went on for a few minutes. Then she jumped up and announced that the mail had arrived and the things we wanted were here. She disappeared and came back with an envelope for her father, and a My Little Pony for me. Parents: zero. Preschooler: one.

You want a pony?  You got a pony.  Source: http://taishavonkreep.tumblr.com/post/78907912753

You want a pony? You got a pony. As a note, I’m SO doing these cupcakes for a future birthday party! Source: http://taishavonkreep.tumblr.com/post/78907912753

Number 4

I’m thankful for two recent television discoveries: First, I discovered that there is a From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Television Series.

Given my love for all things vampire except Twilight, I’m pretty excited! As of last week, only the first episode was up on Netflix, so I’ll be sure to check back. I’m not sold on it being wonderful yet – but I figure the potential for random campy with a spot of violence is pretty high, so even it’s bad, it should be okay.

Next, I was horrified to realize I missed the television highlight of the polar vortex. In January, Lifetime apparently premiered their remake of Flowers in the Attic!

In my teens, obsession with all things V.C. Andrews ran a close second to the vampire love. I haven’t yet figured out how to watch it, given I missed it. But I’ll figure it out….

Number 3

I’m thankful for small pleasures and fun with my daughters.  On Friday after work, I took the girls to get movies – as noted above.  They then decided we should stop for ice cream.  We were getting take out for dinner (Lorenzo’s Super Salad; no onions; split three-ways.  It’s heaven), so as far as the random expenditure meter went by this stage, whatever!  Also, the Macs was in the same mini-mall as the take-out, so it worked.

To set the scene, it was just mild enough up here to qualify as ice cream weather.  It was snowing lightly, and we were all in winter gear, but it was probably just a wee bit under zero.  My eldest daughter had been given a pair of Disney princess sunglasses from a friend at school earlier that day so she was sporting those puppies, along with toque, coat and boots.

Anyway, we went to the Macs and they each selected a strawberry yogurt ice cream treat.  Then we trotted on down to Lorenzo’s to wait for the salad.  So my two girls sat there in full winter gear, toque and all, my eldest wearing sunglasses to boot, while eating ice cream.  Another lady came in and commented, “Well, if that isn’t Canadian I don’t know what is!”  Yup.  I’d say that sums up spring in Ottawa.  Thanks again, Queen Elsa!

Number 2

I’m thankful for a kind gesture of recognition and thanks at work this week from my boss.  I’ve taken on some extra responsibilities at work recently due to unexpected illness and on Friday, I got a very kind note and small token of thanks for my efforts.  It was very appreciated.  Small gestures matter.

Number 1

I’m thankful for story time and fun talks with my eldest.   A few nights ago we read Harold and the Purple Crayon before bed (which is a lovely story where Harold imagines and then draws himself into all sorts of adventures).

After finishing the story, I asked what sort of city my daughter would draw herself into if she could.  She said she’d draw herself a city of mermaids.  Then she thought a bit more and offered to draw me a city of ponies (thanks for listening sweetie!).  I then asked what she’d draw for her father.  Without hesitation she responded: A city of beer!  Well, there you have it.


So that’s my thankful for the week.  What are you thankful for this week?  Link up and share!