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I’ve mentioned a few times on this blog that, once upon a time, I had a small obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But the wacky thing?

More than 10 years out from the series finale?

I STILL relate to the show.

Of course, I’m now starting to relate more with the adults.

That this is only sort of freaking me out, makes me think I’m maturing nicely into the person I’m meant to be.

This weekend as an example?

I went through a stage where I wished randomly that all the Easter Chocolate was Band Candy.

Yeah.  Need more plot development?  Here’s a quote:

WillowWhat’s happening?

BuffyI don’t know, but it’s happening to a whole lot of grownups.

WillowThey’re acting like a bunch…

BuffyThey’re acting like a bunch of us.

And a collage courtesy of the ever mature Marshmallow the Vampire Slayer:

In the episode, this is shown from the perspective of their horrified children – who obviously think they need to get their acts back together and (re) grow up.

But now?  From my perspective?

Oh – doesn’t it look like fun?

I could use me a Band Candy break from reality.

I’m not even all that creeped out that I mainly identify with Snyder by this stage of life.

I totally agree!  I spent large parts of my long weekend cleaning my house; filing my taxes; grocery shopping; and generally catching up on the other mundane realities of life.

When’s a 30 something mom to get a little crowd surfing and nacho eating in?

I need me some band candy.

Of course, before you get too carried away, the plot backs up the badness – the utter wrongness – of this scenario.

While the grown ups are distracted by their … nerve to have fun … a monster shows up and tries to eat all the babies at the Sunnydale hospital.

That right.  Serves you RIGHT for letting down your guard for a moment there, doesn’t it?  Good thing those responsible teens of yours were there to save the day while you were flaking out.  Now back to reality.

Sigh.  Right.  Reality.

Actually, in the world of pretty awesome, Easter dinner ran so late last night that my two kids are still asleep and I’m enjoying a bit of me time here before my last day off before getting back to work.  I’m thinking I have enough energy to actually make it to the gym this morning before putting the girls down for a nap and getting a bit of work done on my Macroeconomics course.

Perfection Pending

Linking this post up with Perfection Pending’s Manic Monday Blog Hop.

This is my second time joining in.  Last time I did this, two weeks ago, I posted about the state of my Land of Lost Socks – or the LLS, as it were.

Given the presence of a long weekend, I had the chance to again depopulate that magical kingdom (read: I spent Saturday morning cleaning my house).  So, I thought I’d give inquiring minds an update as to where things are at:

I think it’s nice that in the past few weeks Aurora has found a few more Disney Princesses to hang with.  I mean, we don’t want a girl to be lonely, do we?

Yup.  I am a wild party.

Seriously.  Bring on the Band Candy.