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All those blogging advice sites talk about how important it is to stick to a schedule.

Because readers expect that, and will come back for certain posts on certain days.

I’d love to be able to start this post with something like:

Hey!  It’s Tuesday!  So that’s obviously A to Z Music Day over here!

But I can’t.

Because it isn’t.

Because I’ve been all over the map recently with the posting.

I’ve done a music post weekly, sure.  But last week it was Wednesday; the week prior it was Friday.

This week?

Meh.  As I type this it’s 8:07pm on Tuesday.  We’ve just put the kids to bed but the youngest is WAILING.  So it’s kinda touch and go if she’s going to settle down or not.

So posting tonight might or might not happen at this point.

[Update – in case it isn’t obvious, I hit publish on Tuesday!  She settled down.  Parental happy dance!]


Which brings me to tonight’s theme.

Tonight is brought to you by the letter F on Jackie’s wonderful musical hop over at Ambling & Rambling.

And this week?  I’ve been thinking about falling.  Falling behind (on everything I need to do); falling down (against the measures I set for myself); and, as I near the anniversary of my first date with my husband … falling in love.

Music offers much to say on the subject.

To begin our tumble on this theme, given there have been a few times recently where I could have used the pick me up, and given I’m a product of the ’80s, this is where my mind first went:

Catch Me, I’m Falling – Pretty Poison (1987)

I first discovered this song when, at 11-years-old, I bought “Super Ladies of the 80s“.  On cassette.  The link from the album title goes to the playlist because, to this day, I think it’s one of the best compilation albums EVER.  Funny the impact of those formative years, right?

But yeah.  I start pondering the word “falling” as it pertains to music and the first place my mind goes?  Pretty Poison.

It is what it is.

For what it’s worth?  I could have lied.  Because shortly thereafter, in the “free fall” that is the random wanderings of my mind and sometimes my life, I came up with this one (which, I think, will likely be viewed as much cooler):

Free Fallin’ – Tom Petty (1989)

I loved this song from the moment I first heard it.  As I ponder the lyrics at this moment, I think they are quite a nice mix of nostalgia and the wondering of how things might have been: regret for the one you let go, for how you might have done something differently with the knowledge gained from experience.  But mostly?  It’s just a really good song.

Next?  My mind went skyward.  Falling stars.  I was tempted to go all Perry Como, but that’s not really where I’m at musically (ever).  Then I pondered a few club memories, but the videos left me underwhelmed.  So, in honour of falling stars – much described in music – I give you this:

Thousand Falling Stars – Little and Ashley (2011)

I’d never heard the song until I entered “Falling Stars” into You Tube.  I think I’ve decided this might be how I now go about discovering new music because two on my mix this week were located this way.  I first watched this for the video; but quite enjoy the song as well.  Enjoy the show!

But not for too long!  We have to move this ride along.  To round out the program, while we’ve touched on it in all the previous songs, it’s really time to hit you all over the head with the big poetic stuff in the word.  If we’re going to musically fall, we’re going to have to fall in love.  May I suggest this for musical background:

Fallin’ – Alicia Keys (2001)

It’s just a beautiful song. Beautiful piano; great voice.  Happy sigh.

However, if Alicia doesn’t quite work for you, then I’d suggest this one (my other new to me discovery based on You Tube searching for this post):

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg (2007)

I almost feel like I somehow shouldn’t have missed this song because it really is right up my alley.  As soon as I stumbled on it, I adored it.  The rambling feel of it. That the big things in life happen in the mundane moments, like in coffee shops.

And me?  I like acoustic guitar.  And coffee.

And those blogging advice sites?  They totally say you should find ways to naturally link between various social media to build your following.

Did I ever mention I have a coffee board on Pinterest?

No?  Well!  Do check it out.

Wasn’t that seamless?


So that’s where I landed musically this week.

I now have the urge to sit outside and stargaze while listening to music and enjoying a coffee.

Care to virtually join me?