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MusicalmusingsBlythe and I took last week off from doing our music posts, so we’re now a letter late.

We were discussing whether to bother catching up, or if we should just pretend like we’re suppose to be at “N” this week.

Of course, I’ve sort of ruined it now, throwing the truth out there like that.

You can tell from her expression that Blythe has some mixed feelings about my approach to the situation, but like I’ve posted previously in this series, I don’t really have any “game” as far as things like that go.

I’m honest and straightforward to a fault.

And forever surprised when others aren’t.

Music, of course, spends much time focussed on love – and the pursuit thereof.

But I find now that I’m not in that dance space, so to speak, that I relate music to other aspects of life.

Which brings me to this week’s theme in my musical trek through the alphabet.

Given there is no question that we are completely, rightfully and without question at the letter N*, I thought we could explore the concept of NEVER.



1.  at no time in the past or future; on no occasion; not ever.

synonyms: not ever, at no time, not at any time, not once

2. not at all

synonyms: not at all, certainly not, not for a moment, under no circumstance, on no account

*How was that?  Smooth? Convincing?

1.  Policy of Truth – Depeche Mode (1990)

I always love an excuse to post a Depeche Mode song, so this works.  The second song I ever heard from them; at age eleven; the year Violator came out.

Certainly one of their best albums and a song whose lyrics gave even pre-teen me some food for thought:

Now you’re standing there tongue-tied;
You’d better learn your lesson well.
Hide what you have to hide;
And tell what you have to tell.

You’ll see your problems multiplied;
If you continually decide;
To faithfully pursue;
The policy of truth.

Never again is what you swore;
The time before.

Kind of crashes up against the general parental advice to tell the truth doesn’t it? And sums up a pretty basic and continual struggle of life.

Of course, when things do go wrong – and you feel wronged – sometimes you just NEED all the dirty, horrid, truthy details of what happened, right?

2. Never Ever – All Saints (1997)

I’ve always been partial to the dance remix of this song, but I’m about to get all boppy in a moment, so this is a nice contrast – and it’s beautiful sung this way.

For the purposes of my A to Z music meanderings – and because every time I hear it I think THAT’S ME! – I’m also quite partial to this verse:

Flexing vocabulary runs right through me;
The alphabet runs right from A to Zed.
Conversations, hesitations in my mind;
You got my conscience asking questions that I can’t find.

I’m not crazy.
I’m sure I ain’t done nothing wrong, no.
I’m just waiting;
‘Cause I heard that this feeling
won’t last that long.

Of course, then there are the times “that feeling” does last, and you realize that you are simply just never going to “get” it:

3. My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It) – En Vogue (1992)

So here’s one of the examples of a song I sing now with no real tie to what it’s suppose to be about. Am I presently thinking about some guy who’s never gonna get “it”? No. I’m generally internalizing the lyrics and taunting – particularly starting at around 3:00 minutes in the song – and relating it to some frustration in my current life for which I currently see no solution.

Because sometimes?  It is INDEED time for a breakdown.

Of course, there are other times when you figure out how to cut your losses and move on.

4. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift (2012)

My year-long odyssey into taking macroeconomics via distance education clarifies that this has to do with accepting sunk costs and figuring out when further investment isn’t ACTUALLY going to fix the problem. It’s a theory that can be applied much more broadly than just in love.

As an example? I will never, ever, EVER be taking another economics course.

See? Sing it sister!  Words to LIVE by. Because, when it comes to finally figuring stuff out, it’s:

5. Never too Late – Hedley (2008)

I’d say some nice stuff here about the song, but the lyrics really sum it up and can be applied to ever so many situations both big and small in life:

Hoping I can run today and get away faster
Than ever from here.
Another night and who can say if leaving is better?
Than living in fear.

Here’s to all the broken hearts tonight.
Here’s to all the “fall-a-parts” tonight.
Here’s to every girl and boy who lost their joy.
They let it get away.

You know it’s never too late.
Get up and start all over again.
You know it’s never too late.
There’s got to be a better way.
Don’t settle for the cold and rain.
It’s not too late to start again.
Find a way to smile and never let it get away!

And, well, they’re on a boat. So yeah.

So that’s what Blythe and I are humming this week.

What about you guys? Are there any good songs about NEVER that we never should have left off our list?

If so, add them in the comments.

Because we’d never ever want to ignore them.

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