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You may have noticed my lack of, well, presence, online recently.

I’d claim summer holidays, but it’s more a bit of a blog and general funk combined with life getting busy and still trying to get in some sort of down-time because, well: summer. Dammit.

I’ve had lots of blog post ideas … but as soon as it comes time to type?

Hey! Did you know you can watch six seasons of Lost on Netflix?

I’m midway through Season 2.

Still lost, in case you were wondering.

As for me? I’m on a few days staycation as my eldest goes back to school, so I figured I’d use the time to try to get Fall off on the right track on all fronts.

With the busy, things on a number of fronts have started to … slide – and I think that contributes to the funk.

Too many things to do?

Agh! Head in sand! Somewhere on an island in the middle of Season 2.

Ahhh. That’s better. Deal with it all later, right?

A few weeks ago I noticed a blog link up over at The Nectar Collective called Weekly Wishes:

The Nectar Collective

When I’m not cocooning on the couch, I’m very much one of those “people who like to get shit done” so I thought I’d give it a try to see if a bit of public accounting for goal setting helps my state of mind.

If I do this more than once, I am apparently to report back on my previous goals.

So here goes:

This week, I hope to:

Goal #1

Clean house top to bottom. I know it sometimes feels a bit pointless with young children but it desperately needs it. My husband and I are both off this week and spent a good six hours scrubbing yesterday. You can almost tell!

But seriously, I organized clothes in my kids’ rooms, bought bins for winter/summer wear for the front closet, organized the pantry, under the sink, the hutch, vacuumed out the couch and playroom area, and started bill/filing organization.

The fun will continue today with file organizing, kitchen scrub, downstairs bathroom, and vacuuming!

Goal #2

Get photos from the last year printed so they exist somewhere other than my iPhone, ailing digital camera and (sporadically) on my blog and Facebook.

I am horrible at backing up devices and had a huge digital scare last year where I thought I’d lost about a year’s worth of children’s photos. I saved them, and subsequently disappeared to a print shop for a few afternoons to print everything out hard copy and put them in albums.

My kids LOVE looking at these photos.

Having obviously not learnt my lesson, I haven’t updated these albums in over a year. So it’s time. AS WE SPEAK, I am backing up my iPhone to my hard drive, have already done the digital camera, have made a valiant effort to figure out iCloud (that will be a work in progress) and will head out to a print shop this week to print out the past year of our lives.

Goal #3

Blog twice this week on this blog. This counts as one! Apparently having taken none of the blog tips out there to heart, I scrutinized my stats, and rather than posting on a topic anyone else ever seemed to read, picked one of my least viewed posts EVER and posted on that theme. Really – one person has read it.  EVER. I suspect it might have been me. My other post will likely be the next in my Musical A to Z series, which, again, based on stats, appears to be mainly a personal labour of love. Bloggy maven I am not.

But my blog, my space, my choice!

Goal #4

Write two posts for Ottawa Mommy Club. As referenced above, I have the ideas, just not the motivation to write. I’m just gonna get ‘er done.

If that goes well, I will also do my blog post submission for the International Bloggers Association. Which I also have the idea for, just haven’t written.

I assure you these will all be awesome.

Goal #5

Hit the gym twice. Try to motivate myself to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon for September. I’ve been trying to find this motivation for about two months now. I think I’m close.

Goal #6

Dump my personal email inbox. It’s currently scary. I shouldn’t find my personal email stressful. It’s a bad sign.

Goal #7

Find time to enjoy what is left of summer with my kids and husband. Because it’s going FAST.

And while I haven’t posted to this hop before, here are a few things I got done last week that I’m pretty happy about:

  • found and purchased a big girl bed for my youngest. I knew this would have to get done soon; there was a sale; just went and did it; and done.
  • got through all back to school shopping. And found new sandals for myself and my youngest (desperately needed) on SALE. Done.
  • rescheduled a meeting in time that (almost) got missed due to a communication confusion so no one accidentally showed up and (then) got it rescheduled and done yesterday.

What about you? What are your goals for the week?