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It’s been quiet here on the blog – and nowhere else in my life this past week.

It’s been a motivational week on a number of fronts, giving me many pauses for thanks about different aspects of my life.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak at the afternoon Carleton University Convocation Ceremony. As Vice-President of the Alumni Association, I at times get invited to do such things. I got to welcome new graduates to the alumni association; and speak briefly to them during the ceremony to both congratulate them on their achievements and encourage them to stay connected to the university. I’m thankful for the opportunity to have been part of their ceremony (thankful #1). Wearing my robes again; being part of the procession; and sitting on stage while degrees were awarded was both enjoyable and an honour.

I was also thankful for the opportunity to hear honourary degree recipient Clayton Riddell’s speech (thankful #2). As the main force behind the Riddell Graduate Program in Political Management, his speech focussed – among other things – on both respect for democratic institutions and the need to be actively involved, rather than just a bystander in life.

He of course was speaking of political life – the need for good policy development and for those working in politics to have the training and skills to develop good policy and make ethical decisions. However, it’s a week were I’ve come up against the “don’t be a bystander” concept in a couple different areas of life.

It was a welcome reminder.

On Wednesday, I had the chance to send my no longer needed crib to a family in need (thankful #3). We donated it to Helping with Furniture. I’d been trying to figure out what to do with our crib once my youngest got promoted to her “big girl bed” when they actually found me on Twitter. Rather serendipitous.

That said, I actually couldn’t be there for pick-up because it was my weekly swimming night with my daughters. So I’m thankful that my father and husband could be there to help coordinate that (thankful #4) and that my mother was there to join for swimming with the girls – because that time is both enjoyable to all of us and pretty much a weekly highlight (thankful #5). As for the crib? It’s good knowing it will end up somewhere it’s needed.

I’m thankful for opportunities to contribute to Ottawa Mommy Club online (thankful #6). This week, they posted my first review – where my girls and I got the chance to go see one of Rag and Bone’s Puppet Shows last month. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on my next piece, and found out Friday that I’ll have the chance to review another product soon. So glad I got involved there.

I’m thankful for picking up a random phone call on Tuesday despite fear that it might be a telemarketer. It wasn’t (thankful #7). It was the local Children’s Wish Foundation chapter looking for clothing donations. As I’ve mentioned a few times, I have a couple of bags of children’s clothes I’ve been meaning to do something with. This was a good push to sort and leave them on the porch tomorrow for pick up for another good cause.

In case you think I’ve spent the week drowning in pure altruism, if I’m being honest, I’m thankful I didn’t get selected for jury duty last Monday (thankful #8). I AM thankful I have an employer that covers such things – both selection days and actual duty in the event I am selected. I do think the experience would be valuable, but last week would have created a bit of havoc in the schedule.

This is me. Links to the credit - you can make your own!

This is me. He didn’t discuss Myers-Briggs, but I found the graphic a while ago then never used it. Links to the credit – make your own!

I was thankful Thursday for the opportunity to be invited to attend Carleton’s Leadership Luncheon and hear Dr. Brian Little speak about his new book Me, Myself and Us: The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being (thankful #9). He gave a very entertaining talk about personality type – and his comment about introverts needing to unwind from public events with a few glasses of wine certainly rang true for me Saturday after an afternoon of speaking and greeting new grads. My husband, ever the extrovert, would have likely been looking for the next party. Meanwhile myself? Curled up with glass of wine and finally watching the end of Lost (Seriously? THAT’s how it ended?).

Lastly, I was quite randomly thankful to have found and old Guns ‘N Roses concert online (thankful #10):

It’s them Live at the Ritz in 1988. If you are or ever were a fan, enjoy! They basically play the entire Appetite for Destruction album. It’s early career, the original band apparently all still enjoying each other’s company, and there is a “leave it all on stage; here to entertain you; so clearly love what we do” feel to it that just made me keep watching.

ef3ca-tenthingsbannerOf course, Dr. Little teaches me that might be just another introvert way to unwind from a very extroverted week.

Either way, that’s my thankful this week. I’m (belatedly) linking up with Lizzi and her co-hosts for her weekend Ten Things of Thankful Hop. They are always uplifting. Go have a visit.

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