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ef3ca-tenthingsbannerThere’s quite a lot to be thankful for this week over here.

It’s Sunday, so I got to sleep in; read in peace for a bit on the couch; then my husband made pancakes for breakfast (while I kept reading on the couch) before taking the kids outside to play in the backyard. They are currently stomping the (back) yard preschool-style with the longer term plan being making an ice-rink out back to teach them how to skate.

I’m thinking that’s almost ten thankfuls right there and, either way, there really isn’t any way to top that.

But for Lizzi and her Co-Hosts of Happiness and their weekend Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop? I’m gonna try. And because, quantitatively speaking that was only Thankfuls #1, #2, #3 and #4.

I’m thankful for blogging milestones (Thankful #5). I logged on earlier this week to discover WordPress’ notification of this little blogging milestone.

That's a lot of likes!

That’s a lot of likes!

You like me! You really like me! But really, it made me smile. I’ve been a bit blog sporadic over here lately – maybe I’ve hit my blogging teens? – so it was a well-timed little note of encouragement.

It's Santa-snowman-reindeer Strawberry body polish!

It’s Santa-snowman-reindeer Strawberry body polish!

I’m thankful for continued blogging opportunities over at Ottawa Mommy Club (Thankful #6). This week I reviewed the Body Shop’s Strawberry Ultimate Luxuries Gift Set. Reviewing was fun for the whole family. I mean, who doesn’t love getting boxes of fun stuff in the mail?

And then, aside from all the photos taken for the post, we also had some fun again with PicMonkey. Oh, and if you’re Canadian, you can head over there and enter the giveaway … (just sayin’).

I’m thankful for time spent catching up with good friends earlier this week (Thankful #7).  Good conversation and long overdue.

I’m thankful that my eldest walked the balance beam pretty much by herself at gymnastics yesterday (Thankful #8). It’s always a great feeling when you see your kids achieve those next steps and milestones. And she’s been working on it for a while and overcoming that fear was a big deal.

I was thankful I a) made it to the gym yesterday and b) that as we walked past the canteen my two-year-old looked at me and said, “Mom? Salad?” Yup. My kids wanted salad (Thankful #9). We split one for lunch after my workout. Left me feeling that, despite letting my eldest watch Winx Club because I wasn’t really paying attention, I was doing some of the parenting stuff right.

I’m thankful I have ONE MORE WEEK LEFT OF WORK before TWO WEEKS VACATION! (Thankful #10). I can’t wait. And my body and soul are telling me I need it.

But this Sunday morning? Still pretty awesome. I just looked outside and the kids and my husband are still going strong. There’s a snowman and a fort and, well, me inside alone. Ahhhhh.

What are you thankful for?

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