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Work_on_the_go_cropNo. Not that Dolly.

We’re talking about Iridessa – our Disney Fairy who can work on the go!

Here she is to the left – all mobile office 2.0 – enjoying a large coffee and catching up on some email on the way to work.

Don’t worry, she insisted we pull over. She knows texting while driving is dangerous.

She’s both responsible AND efficient!

Which, as I discovered, is pretty much indicative of who she is. According to the Disney Wiki she is “a detail-oriented perfectionist” and while “passionate about her work … can also be a worrywart.”

When my 5-year-old insisted I bring one of her fairies to work, after a balanced and thorough review of all applicants, I determined Iridessa was the best fit for both my cubicle and our office culture. And really, best fit is just as important as skill set.

Here was the pool of qualified candidates:


From left to right we have Iridessa (light talent fairy); Fawn (animal talent fairy), Silvermist (water talent fairy), Tinkerbell (tinker fairy), Rosetta (garden fairy) and Vidia (fast flying fairy).

Let’s break down my cubicle-mate selection for the day.

Vidia as a fast flying fairy sounded promising, but I had to actually ask Google what her talent was because it was buried on the Disney Wiki (always a red flag on a CV) by the urgent need to inform me that she was Tink’s “main antagonist” in the 2008 movie and that while she later becomes Tink’s friend she is also “sly, grouchy, vindictive, and narcissistic” but “has a good heart.”

Given I figured it’s possible she might be the victim of a smear campaign (and really, should you believe EVERYTHING you read on the Disney Wiki?), I did do some additional reference and character checks (We read a Disney Fairy story for bedtime where Vidia was TOTALLY mean and then I asked my 5-year-old if she liked her) and determined that, if it’s all the same with my 5-year-old, I don’t feel the need to share my cubicle with the Regina George of Pixie Hollow, even if she does have two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus (or whatever the fairy equivalent of that is).

As for Rosetta, I don’t have plants in my cubicle and I’m not really clear on the plant policy at work, so I’m not sure how functional that skill would be for me. That said, some of my office mates have plants so I’ll be sure pass her CV on to them.

Fawn? I don’t work with animals and am quite clear on the no pet policy, so while her reference check was fantastic (ie: my daughter thinks she’s AWESOME!) I don’t think we’re the right fit for her skill set, which I know could be put to better use elsewhere.

Silvermist? She’s so memorable that my daughter refers to her as “the blue one”. And don’t even get me started on the hoops we went through at the office before failing to get a water cooler. I’m not sure even fairy magic could resolve that one.

TinkerbellNow Tinkerbell? Granted, in the absence of IT ever showing up to fix my computer (just celebrated the three-week anniversary of my current ticket in with IT) I’m pretty much ready to let anyone – even the fairy who let the moonstone get broken – give it a try, but we’ve already established in a previous Dolly Entourage post that Tink’s currently confused Hollows and is headless, which I think would impact her effectiveness.

So that leaves me with Iridessa, the light talent fairy.

We could all use a little more light in the world. Indeed, I think my own little fairy of sunshine could do wonders to elevate my mood during the day.

And then to read that she’s a “detail-oriented perfectionist”? Well! We’re almost kindred spirits!

So here she is in action:

Dolly Nine to Five

I was so happy to report back to my five-year-old about how helpful she was: typing up reports and even managing to open my #@&*$#ing cabinet. What a load off my back for the day! Sure, she took a few breaks, but I think that just helped her be even more efficient.

Iridessa_and_RodneyAs a reward on the way home I let her put the Blackberry away and hang with Rodney the Raven (Go Ravens!) in the car for a bit.

They certainly bonded.

So that was the end of Bring My Daughter’s Dolly to Work Day.

Have your kids ever asked you to bring their toys to work?

Have you?

Which Disney Fairy would be the most helpful at your office?