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I found myself thinking of this post tonight, given it is that night again – two years later.

As a note, this fall with a five and three-year-old, I CAN find each of their swimming lessons AT THE SAME TIME ON THE SAME EVENING.

And even better? Last week, when my daycare provider was on holidays, I found a full day preschool aqua-camp for 3 to 5 year olds which I could register them both in.

AND it was on the way to work. With before and after-care included.

As for the balance between scheduled programming and free-play?

I think we’re doing pretty good.

They’re both buddies with the boy next door and play over there after work some days as does the other little boy across the street. He has a BOUNCY CASTLE, which almost makes his yard the equivalent to the pub in preschool-land (although he hangs at our place sometimes too).

But we’ll also be registering for swim lessons and dance this fall. My eldest will also probably try group piano lessons for two months.

Wish me registration luck tonight! And good luck to anyone else doing the same!

Sigh – I think this is the parental first sign of fall…

Baby Gates Down

It’s 8:59 pm on Monday, August 12.

And I’m ready.

The City of Ottawa Recreation Site is about to go live for Fall Registration.

I have our family PIN.  I have our client number.  I have my credit card.

I have combed the Recreation Guide to find the best activities for my three-year-old at the best locations at the best times for our schedule.

I tried to find concurrently running programs for my one-year-old.

They don’t exist.

I’ve decided this is an evil plot to ensure parents have to just sit and wait outside their preschooler’s class – there in the event they are spontaneously required for a bathroom break.

I mourn the lack of foresight of city schedulers.  The injustice that my one-year-old will not be able to take baby gymnastics or Kindermusik while my eldest is learning the finer points of hip hop dance.

The blame for any inability of my youngest to…

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