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Here’s day three from last year’s Vampire A to Z. Tonight you get a bit more Buffy, some history and adult fiction, and one of my newer favourite bad female vampires.

Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a vampire break to post my #1000Speak for Compassion post for this month. We’ll be back to the undead on Thursday with letters M to O.

Now, if you are Canadian, read this tomorrow and get back to watching the election results!

Baby Gates Down

Draculaura_buttonWelcome to Day 3 on our Vampire A to Z here at Baby Gates Down.

If you’ve missed the first two days, you can catch up by reading them here and here.

If you are all up to date and ready to carry on, great!

Draculaura and I gave great consideration to these next four in the series and we hope you like them!

For I, we pretty much pick up where we left off yesterday, still comfortably in the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Initiative_buttonI is for The Initiative, the secret US Government agency tasked with the capture and research of vampires and demons for military purposes.

Buffy discovers the Initiative in Season 4, because they have a facility underneath UC Sunnydale where Buffy and her friends have started college and their commandos run around campus in a sort of sneaky, but pretty obvious kind of…

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