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Welcome back to all things undead after a nice compassion break with yesterday’s post.

Today brings us half-way through last year’s A to Z. Remember that this year’s all new Vampire A to Z starts this Sunday. I’m getting pretty excited to truly start geeking out with you for a week showcasing an all new set of rogues for 2015!

Baby Gates Down

Draculaura_buttonHere we are! Midway in our trek through the vampire underworld.

If you are still with us, Draculaura and I are thrilled!

It’s been a fun couple of days so far and if you’ve missed some of what we’ve done to date I encourage you to go and catch up!

But if you have been faithfully following along, let’s get right to it.

M is for Marius, one of my favourite vampires from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles. As readers, we first meet him in Rice’s second book in the series The Vampire Lestat when Lestat goes in search of answers as to his vampire origins.

I fell in love because, as a citizen of the ancient Roman Gallic city of Massilia, he was easily the oldest vampire I’d run into to date. Born in 30 B.C., he became a scholar. He was abducted by the Druids at…

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