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Guess what’s starting this Wednesday on the blog?

Here’s Kermit the Frog and Vincent Price to give you a hint:


This Wednesday Baby Gates Down starts it’s Third Annual Vampire A to Z!

That’s right! For those new to the blog, for the past two years in the week before Halloween, we have run through the alphabet vampire-style here on Baby Gates Down.

Who is we?

vampire_a-z_2016That would be myself and Draculaura, my dolly co-host on this macabre annual quest through the alphabet.

And there’s Dracula’s daughter now, on break from Monster High and my daughter’s toy box, to help us out for the next two weeks.

I must admit, she was pretty shocked that we were able to get through the alphabet a THIRD TIME.

I was too.

I mean, in our first year, I gave you a selection of much of what I had loved and discovered up until that point:

Vampire A_Zlist7

So last year? Well, that required a bit more effort.

Vampire A_Zlist_A-Z2015

However, after re-discovering my love of the genre, and the various letter suggestions that came in, I had quite the reading and viewing list. You can pursue all past posts from the previous two years by clicking on the Vampire A to Z tag.

That said, I really wondered after last year if we could pull it off again.

But the funny thing about all things vampire?

People just keep coming out with new spins on the genre. AND I keep discovering whole coffins of older stuff out there.

So after much reading, watching and research, we have been able to pull together a third annual list for what we hope is the enjoyment of at least a few more people than, well, just me.

Here's this year's blank slate if you wish to play along!

Here’s this year’s blank slate if you wish to play along!

We also chose to change things up a bit this year. Instead of posting every day for a week, we’ll be posting every second day up until Halloween, starting this Wednesday. So still seven posts to get us through the alphabet, but just with a little bit more breathing room.

I do hope you join us again this year! We start with letters A to D this Wednesday!