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MusicalmusingsSo, my dad threw down the gauntlet at Sunday dinner calling for me to do a Days of the Week Music series here on the blog.

Yesterday, as per his instructions, I gave you Monday, Monday from The Mamas and the Papas.

Today? Well, given dad’s a stone cold Beatles fan, there was honestly no other choice for Tuesday.

I’ve posted before about his love of The Beatles and that early impact on me as far as music goes.

Indeed, I have to admit to also having a little fun from time to time at Sunday dinner throwing in the odd Beatles v Stones comment when there’s an ebb in conversation.

So with that introductory explanation, here’s The Rolling Stones doing 1967’s Ruby Tuesday:

Given Rolling Stone Magazine (They named a magazine after them, dad. Is there a “The Beatles” magazine out there?) ranked it the 310th song on their 500 greatest songs of all time (What was #1? Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone – just sayin’!) I figure that’s a few points in the Stones’ column.

But, to really bring this post around again into a big confused 1960s rock pretzel, I will forever associate this song with The Beatles.


I remember an ongoing and ridiculous fight with a childhood friend wherein she maintained this was sung by The Beatles and I kept trying to tell her it was The Stones.

These were the difficult moments we faced in pre-Google world.

Ironic side bar? She was named after a Fleetwood Mac song.

Really, it’s like rain.

On your wedding day.

But mostly? It just meant both of us stood firm in our clearly inherited Rock & Roll knowledge and neither of us could be bothered to somehow go and fact-check that.

But given I’m doing this whole series for dad, yesterday I dutifully Googled “Ruby Tuesday” and “The Beatles”.

And while I didn’t find The Beatles singing it, I did find a cover by Julian Lennon, first child of John Lennon and his first wife Cynthia. Given YouTube tells me it’s from a late 80’s compilation and was included on the soundtrack of the television series The Wonder Years (1988-1993), I have a hunch this is the source of the pre-teen The Beatles/Ruby Tuesday confusion.

Here’s to Tuesday!

PS: Tomorrow, I promise to leave the 1960s.