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I did this fun hop about three weeks ago called Finish the Sentence Friday.

They give you a sentence and you finish it.BlogHopButton_Friday

I thought I’d give it a go again today because the sentence is just plain fun:

If I had a magic wand the first thing I’d do is…

Oooh!  So many options!  I could, no.  Or maybe?  Nah.  Wait!  I know!  No, that wouldn’t work…

Okay, apparently the first thing I’d do is dissolve into a puddle of complete indecision.

So I decided I’d do some market research.

I asked my three-year-old what she’d do.

I mean, she actually HAS a magic wand.  Courtesy of this Tinkerbell book.  It’s this lovely plastic contraption with a magnetic strip so when you wave it over certain parts in the book, things just happen.


This is it! Beautiful wand, right?

It’s TOTALLY magic.

And when you aren’t around the book it makes this cool tinkly sound when you wave it and you can IMAGINE up all sorts of things.

So I waited for an appropriate time (like a commercial break) and then sat down with her and asked my research question.

Me: If you had a magic wand, what would you wish for?

Her: Oh Mommy!  I dropped it.  Can you go get it?

Me: Huh?

Her: My wand.  It fell out of my bed by the wall and I can’t reach it.  Can you go get it?

Me [dutifully goes upstairs to her bedroom, fishes wand out from the crack between her bed and the wall, and returns downstairs with wand]: Here you go sweetie.  Now what would you wish for?

Her: Lollipops!  [Waves her wand around gleefully as it makes its tinkly sound]  And I just turned you into a crocodile.  And made you some strawberry juice.  Do you like it?

—- SCENE —–

So, despite my sound research methodology, I apparently am no further along than I was previously.  Except of course for the juice.

Which is lovely.  As for the crocodile bit, I had my daughter turn me back into me, so we’re square on that front.

So what would I do?

So many possibilities!  I could go all Miss America and wish for world peace, right?  Or I could go pragmatic and pay off the mortgage. Or I could have some fun and wish my family on a fantastic ’round the world adventure!

Okay, scrap the last one – that sounds exhausting with two kids under 4.

But that’s the crux, right?  Selfish or selfless?

I’d like to think I’d go the latter.  And I have the sinking suspicion that with a topic like this, I’m about to come off as quite shallow in comparison to others, because, if I’m being really honest, at this stage in my life, I think I’d choose the former.

If you’d caught me about 5 years ago – or a few years from now – I probably would – and will be again – firmly routed in “team change the world”.

But, at this stage of life with mortgage, two young kids, and their futures on my mind?  I’m a straight up cliché – focused first and foremost on home and community.  I mainly want my immediate surroundings to be a good place to live.

So first wish?

Yeah, if I had a magic wand, and if I’m being honest, I’d wish to come into a reasonably large amount of money.

Enough so my family – and extended family – wouldn’t have to worry about it.

Enough so that we’d have a house with a pool.  And a hot tub. That I’d totally let my preschoolers into.  As long as they kept their heads above water… ‘Cause we all like to swim.  And not get ear infections.  And life is about finding joy.

Enough that we could travel without being overly concerned about budgeting.

Because, I figure, if we had that, then we’d also have….

enough to really help those and the charities we care about.

And we’d be comfortable enough that I could have the flexibility to still work, but only on projects I cared about.  To actually make a difference.

I think that covers it.

But this is just my FIRST wish anyway, right?  I can still get world peace next, right?  Or more lollipops if I need them, right?