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Hurray! It’s the weekend!  So I’m rounding up our funny moments of the week.


My Top Five Laughs of the Week

Number Five

  • I scratched my leg this week enough that it bled.  The only bandaids we have around this place are Dora themed – so my eldest very quickly noticed.  I’m walking around trying to get stuff ready to head out somewhere and my daughter is running behind me, trying to see the bandaid, and going: Mommy, mommy!  Slow down!  Stop a second!”  I pause.  She examines the bandaid and goes, “Oh!  That’s so cute!”  Then she kissed my bobo.  And it kind of really was all better.

Number Four

  • In a moment of what I thought was pure parenting prowess, I finally let my 3-year-old have a sip of my coffee.  She is forever asking; and I keep explaining that, no, it’s for adults … But she keeps asking.  So finally I say yes, thinking she’ll hate the taste and that will be the end of it.  Well, turns out she likes it.  On top of that, anything big sis does, little sis has to try…. so then I had the one-year-old clamouring for a sip too!  Let’s just say I won’t be the parent who forces my kid to smoke the WHOLE PACK if I catch her with a cigarette when she’s older…

Number Three

  • In case coffee and cigarettes aren’t enough to have you consider calling Children’s Aid, how about automatic weapons?  My husband has taken to playing “baby machine gun” with our youngest.  Every now and then he picks her up, tucks her under his arm, and – you got it – pretends she is a machine gun.  Complete with sound effects and re-loading.  She loves it.  Sigh.

Number Two

  • And in case the previous point didn’t give you enough for you to visualize a car up on blocks in our front yard, we’re having dinner earlier this week and listening to the classic rock radio station when a song my husband likes comes on so he starts “head banging”.  Both daughters join in.  Then my eldest decided that we should play imaginary instruments too.  It was like our dinner table suddenly morphed into some sort of Wayne’s World meets Caillou hybrid.  My husband air guitared while my daughter informed me I could play piano, our youngest could drum and her – well, she’d be playing that staple of classic rock: the air violin.  It was a proud moment.  Really, right up there with her ability to sing along to the refrain of Toby Keith’s Red Solo Cup.

Number One

  • We’re driving home from swimming last weekend – my mother, myself, and the two kids – and suddenly my three-year-old informs me that she’d like to go on a boat ride with Granny.  Okay, says I.  Sounds like fun.  Can I come to?  I can, she says.  Then, she thinks about it some more and decides to also invite her little sister and daddy.  And Grandpa.  And her Aunt and Uncle.  And her Aunt’s two sisters…  etc… And, that’s right.  I turn to her and I says, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”  Someday, she’ll get that reference.  And she’ll laugh.