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Okay – title was a total lie.  That song is not part of my list.  It just made for an awesome, theme appropriate, title.

What? Fine.  Here it is.  Because it, too, is pretty awesome.  But just a taste.  A la Dazed and Confused.  Because that also fits with my mood at present:

I had a great time on this hop last week  – and felt very welcomed – so I’m back.

Here we are for Twisted Mixed Tape 26:


Today’s assignment: Relaxing slow jams. You wanna chill, you want your friends to chill. Any genre from rock to jazz to hip-hop, but it’s gotta be slow-jams.

Well, I’ve been a bit nostalgic lately as I’ve been busy planning an Alumni Homecoming Pub for the past while (and it finally happened last Friday), so we’ll be going back to the mid-90s and, well, further, for this mix.

With that, I give you my first pick: Oasis: Wonderwall

This actually brings me back to my last year of High School (known as “OAC” back in the day here in Ontario.  Stands for “Ontario Academic Credit” AKA: Grade 13.  So useful that it no longer exists).  I had the tape.  I loved it.  It still comes up on rotation in our house once in a while as I have it on a compilation CD from the 1990s.  Just last week our whole family danced to it in our living room – which is what made me think of it for today’s mix.

Next up, I give you some Bob Marley.  It makes me think of my honeymoon in Jamaica.  Which, thanks for asking, was totally Irie.

I’ve always loved this one.  I had it on a mixed tape back in high school called “Sun Jammin” from 1991.  I linked to the play list there and EVERYTHING because it’s well, just plain fun.

Keeping on in groovin’ Bob Marley style, my next is a cover – Sublime doing No Woman No Cry.  I still have this one on my IPod:

I have a soft spot for this band because they hit big in my late teens.  But I didn’t find this cover until years later – and wow.  Loved it.  So yeah, here it is.  Don’t know if, with the hard drum bits it TOTALLY counts as a “slow jam” but, given it has never made it to my running track, and I can put my feet up and enjoy a beer on the beach or by a campfire to this track, I vote yes!

Speaking of campfires, here’s my next pick: Extreme’s 1991 hit, More Than Words:

Pull up a log, grab a beer and croon along to the random two fellows who brought their guitars to the cottage party.  That’s this song (after they’ve run through their original material, American Pie, and a few “cooler” acoustic numbers and are ready to play this because they TOTALLY know it … ).  We also had a whole Air Band Competition at our high school called “More Than Words” which annually ended with the entire audience singing this song acapella.  Really.  It was less “weird”, and more “collective bonding experience” than it sounds now that I write it down… Complete with lighters swaying in the air.

And with that, it’s getting late. So let’s wind up the night, yes?  Here’s Supersonic’s Closing Time:

Again – not sure it totally fits slow jams in the strictest sense.  But it certainly doesn’t work on my running track.  And TRUST ME, myself and many others certainly managed to slow dance to this anthem back in ’98.  Basically?  I can’t think of a better song to end this post with.

So folks: Gather up your jackets; move it to the exits.  I hope you have found a friend… Until next time!