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Hey Saturday!  You just snuck up on me this week.  It’s been a pretty chaotic week over here.  But still time for some lighter moments 🙂dentistmelsbbutton-1

Here’s our Top Five Laughs of the Week

Number Five

  • My eldest has yet to master lengths of time [But really, have any of us?  Really?]  Whenever we are out places and I give her the “five-minute warning” she tries to negotiate as follows:  “No, Mom!  60 Minutes!”  It’s possible she’s just a hard-core negotiator with a fixed BATNA she intends to pursue if negotiations fail, but I have the sinking suspicion it has more to do with not knowing the difference between 5 and 60 minutes…

Number Four

  • The two girls and I go swimming weekly with my mother.  We were getting changed after swimming this week and my eldest asked if I would be putting her to bed when we got home.  I explained, no, her father would.  She asked why.  I explained that we liked to trade nights so we both got the chance to put her to bed.  So I’d put her to bed one night; then dad the next; then me; then dad; then me; then dad; and so it would be, world without end, until she was 18 and moved out.  A mom changing her child behind me burst out laughing.  It was immensely gratifying.  Yup, we’re here every week.  Please tip your server.

Number Three

Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • My eldest has started kindergarten – with all the fabulous structure that entails.  As a result, she gave Daddy a good talkin’ to tonight at dinner.  Daddy was heading out to meet a friend after dinner.  My eldest pointed out this would the “last chance” he had to see his friend if he didn’t stand in line properly and follow the rules. You got that Dad?  Now BE GOOD!  Or NO BEER with your friend!  If you are good you get a smiley face on the chart.  TEN smiley faces get you a prize.   My daughter proudly came home with a little dolly earlier this week and a note in her agenda about having gotten 10 smiley faces (I later checked that she didn’t “borrow” the dolly and it was indeed a prize).  But I’m thinking this isn’t a horrible system and maybe we incorporate it at home… Hey honey!  Empty the dishwasher and you get smiley face on your chart.  TEN smiley faces and you get a prize!   Just sayin’…

Number Two

  • I was on the front porch with the two girls earlier this week and my youngest got into something she should have and got dirty and I sort of over-reacted.  My eldest looked at me steadily and informed me that “Mommy, this isn’t the end of the world.”

Number One

  • My eldest and I made banana oatmeal raisin cookies earlier this week and they have been sitting on the counter ever since – being eaten as needed, of course.  My eldest was downstairs one evening as I was cooking, and ran up to inform me that she needed a cookie: Code Red!  Well, I obviously complied given the urgency.