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In keeping with the season, Sunday Social has gone Halloween-themed today – which is a nice way for me to do a post for the season.   Please surf around and check out some of the others posting for the Social here:


So yeah: here be the questions:

1. What was your favorite Halloween costume as a kid?

When I was 10, for my tap recital with did “At the Hop” and everyone dressed up in poodle skirts.  As such, for Halloween the following year, I was a ’50s girl.  I loved that outfit.

2. If you could go back to your childhood and dress up as something, what would it be?

When I was in Grade 6 – and busy being a ’50s girl – I remember a bunch of the girls in the class all dressed up as babies.  I remember thinking it was an easy costume and wanting to be one of the crowd.

3. What was your favorite Halloween costume as an adult?

When I was in university, I dressed up as Carrie from the Stephen King book – and subsequent 1976 film.  Super easy costume:  Found a long white slip dress; died it pink; bought myself a corsage and a tiara; and doused myself in stage blood.  Voila!  And less messy than you’d think.  Stage blood dries nicely.

Photo from: stephenking.wikia.com

Photo from: stephenking.wikia.com

4. What is your favorite Halloween candy?

I love gummy candies – so the little packages of fuzzy peaches, sour patch kids and Swedish berries.  Yummy!

5. What is your favorite Halloween memory?

In my mid 20s I remember going to Saunders Farm, near Ottawa, for the evening around Halloween.  They go all out: corn maze, haunted barn, spooky wagon ride (complete with a guy chasing you for a bit with a chain saw) …  it was a fun night.

As a parent, I’m looking forward to taking my 4 and 1-year-old out this year.  We took my 3-year-old out for the first time last year and managed about 4 houses before she was done.  I’m hoping we at least make it a bit further down the street this year…

6. What is your favorite scary movie?

Don’t know if it’s a favourite, but Stephen King’s Pet Sematary still creeps me out.  Even though I watched it in my mid-teens – and haven’t since – I still remember it pretty clearly for a few reasons:

  • I remember the people I was with when watching it.  We were at the resort we went to each summer for family vacation.  I remember seeing the resort cat for the rest of the week and thinking it was Church (cat who comes back from the dead in the movie).
  • I never forgot the scene where the baby gets hit by the truck – and it flashes before my eyes every now and then as a parent when one of my kids gets too close to the road.
  • I’m coming for you Rachel…. Heebie Jeebies.

I think, besides being a good, straight up horror flick, it also gets the “be careful what you wish for” message home.  You care about the family, you feel their pain, you understand their choice… you are totally along for the ride.  Whole thing still creeps me out.  That’s a good movie.  [If you ever plan on watching the movie – the video below “gives a bit of it away” – just a warning].