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It’s Monday evening – so that obviously means it’s Twisted Mixed Tape Tuesday Time!

Do check out Jen Kehl’s fabulous hop and the other revellers here:


Well, it’s TMT Tuesday time for working mommy-me anyway.  Given I’m out for most of Tuesdays, the party would pretty much be over by the time I got home and got the kids to bed Tuesday night.  This way – I can join some of the early hoppers, and then join in again once the party is well underway.   And this week on top of work, I’m heading out for some after work fun as well tomorrow night!  But I promise to faithfully hop away once I’m back.

This week’s theme: Songs That Tell a Story.

Well!  This is a theme I like!  I mean, like Ms. Marshall says, Everybody’s Got a Story, right?

A few songs jumped right into my head – but it took a few days of thinking before I hit on this pick from Simon and Garfunkel:

I remember first reading Richard Cory as a poem in Grade 10 English class and loving it.  And it certainly lends itself to the idea of everybody indeed having a story – and not necessarily the one you might imagine from the outside looking in.

Next up, I’m going to give you the second Canadian song in what – I’ve suddenly realized – is going to be a pretty Canadian heavy post this week.  Apparently we like to tell stories up here.

I give you Great Big Sea performing Mari-Mac:

I just always think this is a fun song – and, well, there’s a story.  Not like, a DEEP story or anything – but a story nonetheless.  And my four-year-old likes the puppets.  PUPPETS!

Because this one always puts me in an East Coast Pubbing kind of mood, I’m going to throw this one in as well (sung by a fellow Ontarian – so nowhere near a sea – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get in the East Coast swing of things): Stan Rogers’ Barrett’s Privateers:

Next I’ll head south of the border for a few minutes to give you, well, some country music.  I’m doing this because, a few weeks again on this hop when we all had to do a mix in a genre we don’t usually listen to, it because apparent there were quite a few closet country fans on this hop.  So THIS ONE’S FOR ALL OF YOU!

Here’s the Dixie Chicks: Goodbye Earl.

And to wind up the night?  I’m going to have to close once more this week with the Tragically Hip.  This week, I give you Nautical Disaster.  It was actually hard to choose just one Hip song that tells a story because so many do.  Indeed, in surfing about, I even found this great post from a fellow WordPress blogger about using the Hip’s music to help teach Canadian History.  I’d take that class.

But getting back to tonight’s choice, reading the You Tube comments it seems a bit unclear what it’s commemorating – but I’m putting my money on the sinking of the RMS Lancastria.  In any event, it’s about losses during the Second World War.  It seems appropriate for November 11.  Lest we forget.