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So we’ve been having a bit of a week over here.

My eldest has been home sick since Tuesday, so my husband and I have been trading off days off from work.  Today was my second day.

I took her to the doctor’s on Wednesday and they couldn’t really pinpoint what was wrong; guessed it was viral; and told me to come back in two days if she wasn’t better.

By the time we returned today she’d pretty much stopped eating and was refusing fluids and meds and just altogether miserable.  They finally figured out it was strep throat and gave us meds for that.  But for a bit I thought we’d be heading to the emergency to get her on an IV for fluids.  It’s never a good sign when your nurse looks worried (and you should have seen our nurse’s complete lack of poker face when she walked in and first saw my kid).  However, I’ve managed to get some Advil into her; and enough fluids that she perked up enough to ask for food and tell me off; so I’m hopeful she’s rehydrating enough that we won’t need to make that trip.

See?  Here’s Twitter Hope!  Also thankful for the virtual Twitter support from everyone’s favourite Blog Hop Hostess that followed shortly after.  It’s appreciated.

So I was all glass half-full; with a partially rehydrated and drugged up 4-year-old dozing on the couch; and about to start my TTOT post… all Attitude of Gratitude despite adversity! Just be Happy! Kady Perry Roarin’! Lizzi Considerer Blog Hop Joinin’! when my husband called to say he’d been in a car accident.

Of course he had.  Because, well, THIS week.

He’s fine.  The other driver is fine.  Minor damage to bumpers.

But it’s a fitting end to this week.

Please.  Let that be the end of the week.  Please. Let my other kid not come down with strep.  Let ME not come down with strep.  Let my eldest hydrate enough that we don’t end up at CHEO.  Let her heal and be well enough for school on Monday.  I know there’s this lovely quote:

No man on his deathbed ever said: “I wish I’d spent more time at the office.”

But by this stage?  In this moment? I wish to spend more time at the office.

So, before anything else goes wrong, here’s my list of what I’m thankful for this week.


Number 10

I’m thankful that both my husband and I have understanding employers.  I’m thankful for my work colleagues who picked up my work while I was at home.  I’m thankful for the home office tools my office provides so that I could still do parts of my job from home.

Number 9

I’m thankful for my mother.  I swear, she’s made this list every time I’ve done this.  This week I’m thankful because she came and watched our eldest on Tuesday morning when both my husband and I had to be at the office for meetings.

Number 8

I’m thankful for my husband who came home from work Wednesday (my first full day home with our sick 4-year-old) with a 1.5L bottle of white wine and take-out sushi.

Even though it’s for red wine, I drank out of this:


… and after my cup did runneth over a wee bit, life was better.

Number 7

I’m thankful for Netflix and the selection of television it has entertained my poor sick 4-year-old with all week.

Number 6

Related to Number 7, I’m thankful we found Rise of the Guardians on Netflix.  What an awesome movie!  As I posted yesterday, it totally makes you remember the wonder of childhood and of believing in Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy (and, okay, Jack Frost).  We’ve watched it on repeat this week.  And I was delighted to discover you can follow them on Twitter!  And they have their own hastag!

Is that not the coolest tattoo ever?!  Photo courtesy of http://kidfocused.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/rise-of-the-guardians.jpg.

Is that not the coolest tattoo ever?! Photo courtesy of http://kidfocused.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/rise-of-the-guardians.jpg.

Number 5

Given I’ve been more homebound than usual, I’ve had more computer surfing time.  I’m thankful for the fun distraction of the Internet.  As an example?  I discovered I could follow Santa and Nemo on Twitter this week.  How cool is that?  Oh!  And Santa needs you help!  Apparently Twitter doesn’t believe in him.  I think SOMEONE needs a visit from the Guardians.  Just sayin’.

Number 4

I’m thankful to Carleton University, my alma mater, who topped up my donation to them on Tuesday by $100 as part of #GivingTuesdayca.  It’s nice to know that my money went just a little bit further than it would have otherwise.  I donated to the Swim Team (I use to swim varsity – so many happy memories) and to their new High Performance Athletes Fund.  Go Ravens!

Number 3

I’m thankful that, last weekend, before sickness descended chez nous, we had a chance to put the Christmas Tree up.  It was a fun afternoon activity with the family.

Number 2

I’m thankful my husband’s car accident was just a fender bender.  I’m hopeful it doesn’t turn out to be too expensive.

Number 1

I’m thankful we’ve finally figured out what’s wrong with my eldest so now we can focus on getting her better.  I’m hopeful she keeps drinking and starts eating and we don’t end up at emergency this weekend.  I’m thankful that we are just dealing with strep and that she is usually so healthy.  I’m hopeful we return to that status quo soon.