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So I was surfing the Internet the other day and it occurred to me that the one thing the Internet must surely be missing are lists of suggested music to run to!


Okay. Well, until THIS MOMENT, the Internet has been missing MY list of suggested music to run to.

This week, for the Twisted Mixed Tape hop, Jen has asked for a mix to get motivated!

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While I first started running for fitness about 12 years ago, in the last six years, running has truly become my exercise of choice.

I ran a half marathon to “tone up” before my wedding in 2008.

And since then I do 2-4 10K races a year for fitness.

That said, my iPod remains a bit dated.

I like to think that makes me quirky, rather than lazy.

And who knows?  Maybe you’ll find something new here to add to your running or workout list.  I tried to avoid some of the ones that have popped up on recent TMT Lists for a bit of variety.  It also helped me narrow my list – because I found it hard to pick just five here (so you’re getting six).

Here goes:

1.  Bad Girlfriend – Theory of a Deadman 

So, I thought I’d start you off with a bit of Canadian content.  There are a couple reasons this one makes my running track.  First – good beat.  Second – it’s just straight up fun.  But the main reason?  I remember a specific moment in time every time I hear it.

I saw these guys in concert at Ottawa Bluesfest in 2008.  That was about three months before getting married, so my mind was thinking of things to come.  This song came on – and I loved it – but directly in my view to the stage was a dad with his young child up on his shoulders.  And the kid was just rocking out.  And I remember thinking THAT’s the kind of parent I want to be!  That laid back cool parent who brings her kids to outdoor music festivals so we can all chill together.

As a note, it hasn’t happened yet.  But it will!

I also know someone who’s opened for them, so I also feel an odd “six degrees to Kevin Bacon” to them as well.

2.  Personal Jesus, Gravity Kills Cover

So I’ve mentioned my Depeche Mode love a few times on this hop.  This is hands down my favourite cover I have found to date of this song.  And it’s perfect for running.  I DARE anyone to not be motivated to give it their all while this song is playing.  Reach out and touch faith!

3.  Beauty School Dropout – Less Than Jake Cover

So above and beyond that I just love the fact that there is a ska punk cover of Beauty School Dropout and it just makes me smile every time I hear it, it’s also got the beat to keep you going fast for most of the song.  It’s also very much time and place music for me – so this band just makes me smile generally.

Hanging for a moment in “time and place” the album I own and love from them is their 1996 Losing Streak.  My favourite from that one is Ninth and Pine (for anyone who wants to hear a bit more).  That said, I am forever tempted to post Jen Doesn’t Like Me Anymore whenever our “hostess with the most-est” skips her tweet lovin’ of my posts. How’s THAT for click bait!  [Note: Jen, I understand that sometimes you have to sleep and, well, stuff, and so we’re all good as far as I’m concerned.]

4.  Higher Ground – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Video from 2000’s Centre Stage)

So, back in the days before I had a gym membership, when it was too cold outside, I use to run on the treadmill in my parents’ basement.  My father had a television (with a VCR!) hooked up so you could watch TV while exercising.  So I collected a number of “motivational” movies to watch while running.  This one topped the list.  Firstly? The peppy soundtrack. Secondly? Watching a whole bunch of attractive, slender, coordinated dancers while exercising was …. motivating. This was my favourite scene.  And (thirdly) it happens about 45 minutes into the movie, which was great from a “time to really push it even if you are getting tired” perspective.

5.  Evacuate the Dancefloor – Cascada

See?  Sometimes I DO update my iPod.  I’m only about 4 years behind the times with this choice.

There’s no deeper meaning with this one.  I just like it.  Fast beat – and whenever it comes on it keeps me running.  The end.

6.  Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit – Gina G

Okay, so we’re firmly back in the ’90s (1996 to be specific).  Are you as relieved as I am?

This one is pretty straightforward and single entendre as a choice:

Oooh aah, just a little bit;
Oooh aah, a little bit more;
Oooh aah, just a little bit;
You know what I’m looking for!

Ignoring the other obvious meaning, and focusing on this firmly within a running context, I don’t think we need a poetry class to analyse this one any further, do we?  It’s the perfect song to come on as I’m exhausted and really just want to stop.  It keeps me going “just a little bit more.”


So there you have it!  Some of my favourite running songs.

What do you enjoy running to?  Please share so I can update my library!