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Well hello there Sunday!

It’s been a mostly good week over here.  So, it’s easy enough for me to get my attitude of gratitude on this weekend for Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful Weekend Blog Hop.


Number 10

  • I’m thankful that it’s a balmy -4 degree Celsius outside today.   And that it was -1 yesterday!  Sure, that comes with a dumping of snow, but compared to what we’ve been living with for the past while here, that’s almost T-Shirt weather.  And they couldn’t have asked for a better forecast for the start of Winterlude.

Number 9

Number 8

  • I’m thankful for Weight Watchers.  I rejoined last weekend and have lost 3.2 lbs to date.  Given I only really want to lose about 10, I figure that’s a pretty good start.  That said, I stretched out as I was typing here just now and my eldest ran across the room, poked my bellybutton, and yelled beep beep!  Cute; but it slightly dampened my minor weight loss pride.  Getting back to the rejoining though, I suspect I’m also using it as a tool to feel control over at least one aspect of my life and so, by proxy, hopefully feel control over other aspects (ie: “Hi WW, here’s $60 some dollars.  Fix this!“)  Nothing unhealthy or “red flag-like” about that, right?  Never mind.  I’m just going to be thankful and not over think it.  Focussing on being healthy is a nice way to steer my attention.  I’ve felt pretty good all week.  And I even managed to bring my lunch to work four out of five days!  I put that all in the win column.

Number 7

  • I’m thankful for a fun night out Thursday for dinner and drinks with a friend.  Saved my points; didn’t over do it; good food; good conversation; good music.  Nice way to unwind.  I also confirmed I still don’t like bourbon.  Not even all fancied up Louisiana Speakeasy style in a cocktail.  It’s important to revisit these things from time to time to make sure one’s views haven’t changed – right?

Number 6

  • I’m thankful to Kamerine over at Life of K who featured my blog in her “Friday Feature” series last week.  Every now and then she profiles various Canadian bloggers and Friday, I was honoured and surprised to find out it was me 🙂  Have a look and cruise about her blog!

Number 5

  • I’m thankful for season tickets to Ballet at the NAC and the fact that I got an evening out with my girlfriend yesterday evening to go see Swan Lake performed by the National Ballet.  We’ve been going together for about five years now – 3-4 ballets a year – and this was my type of ballet – ie: traditional escapist silly frilly tutus girly fun as opposed to modern “trying to make some sort of statement by kicking a soccer ball around the stage in our underwear” dance, which I just don’t “get” (I’d note the example is serious, a few years ago there was one show where the National Ballet did just that).   But getting back to last night – it was beautiful.  Opulent costumes; beautiful set; good dancing.

Number 4

  • I’m thankful for Barbie Entertainment.  I mentioned at dinner yesterday that I was going to see Swan Lake with my friend and my 4-year-old perked right up and started telling me all about Odette and the whole ballet in fairly accurate and great detail.  I then, of course, remembered, that we’d rented Barbie Swan Lake a number of times from the video store.  Apparently she’d been paying attention.  And I’m now looking forward to taking her to the ballet in a few years…

Number 3

  • I’m thankful for my daycare provider (I should really keep a running tally of how often she and my mother make this list).  We confirmed this week that she can take my eldest for March Break AND the summer – so I don’t have to worry about the world of day camps yet – and I know she’ll enjoy herself there with her sister and her daycare friends.  Her daughter made my daughter a friendship bracelet that totally made HER day.  She had spare mitts for my eldest on the day she left them at home (after I handed them to her on the way out the house).  And we’re off to a birthday this afternoon for one of the boys she met there.  All in all a great environment for my girls.

Number 2

  • I’m thankful my wallet didn’t get swiped when I left it out at the pool last Sunday.  In the world of “I obviously have a few too many things on the go” I took my two daughters to the wave pool last Sunday.  We got changed and I dutifully locked up our coats, boots, clothes, towels and shampoo and off we went for a nice hour of splashing about.   Came back to the change room to find my backpack – containing all my valuables like wallet, iPhone, iPod – sitting out on the bench where I’d left it.  So very thankful everything was still there.

Number 1

  • I was woken up yesterday morning at about 7:30 to the sound of little feet pitter pattering around the house.  Stool being moved; cupboards being opened…. I lay in bed half asleep not thinking about it too much, until my 4-year-old came into our bedroom to inform me that she’d made me breakfast.  Sure enough, there was my cereal all poured into a bowl with milk for me.  Sure, it was a plastic bowl, because those were the ones she could reach, and there was a bit of mess to clean up, but the gesture made my heart smile.  So I’m thankful for breakfast yesterday and the love that went into making it.


That’s it from me.  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!  I don’t feel the need to watch myself given this ape has already predicted the Sea Hawks will win.

Have a great week everyone!