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I remember smiling a few years ago at the title of this book:


Now that I’m living through this stage, rather than just anticipating it, I’d say it’s an accepted truth.

Naptime really IS my new Happy Hour.

They are both down.  So for the first time in a week (it was a busy week), here I am back on the blog in time for Lizzi’s Ten Things of Thankful Weekend Hop.  This is Week #2 where I suspect I need this exercise and will feel the better for it.


So here goes:

Number 10

I’m thankful my eldest still naps.  And that my kids nap at the SAME TIME on weekends.  And generally for at least two hours.  It’s lovely.  So a huge THANKS to the PTBs (the Powers That Be) for making that happen for me.

Number 9

I’m thankful for treadmills and my gym.  I woke up today in the foulest of moods.  It’s been a long week. I’m over-tired.  I’m stressed.  I dieted all week and didn’t lose a pound.  My husband was on late shift so I was dashing out of the office to make daycare pick-up in time.  I spent the week chasing after insurance and banks to arrange financing and such for the new car.  It was pay-week but you’d never know it.  I got home after work yesterday to a driveway that needed shovelling while also trying to watch two kids.  I woke up this morning to two hours of house work which resulted in a house no one but me would ever know had just been cleaned.  Etc… etc…  Then I finally made it to the gym, turned my mind off and my iPod on for an hour and just RAN.  I feel SO much better.  And, as a result, I caught this story on the news.  Hee hee:

The Sochi mascot is having trouble “fitting in” – as in, can’t fit in cars, is having trouble moving about etc….  Poor big bear.

Number 8

I’m thankful for a delightful time at a kiddie birthday party last weekend that, honestly, I hadn’t really been looking forward to attending.  That said, the family hosting did a great job and both my kids – and myself – had a blast.  They rented out the party room at their apartment complex; had a nice mix of family and friends; a nice pace for activities; and lots to keep everyone occupied.  My eldest loved musical chairs (though didn’t quite understand the concept) and my youngest adored freeze dancing – but really just kept dancing in that adorable way kids that age do.  they also got these super cool toys to bring home.  All in all, a fun afternoon:


Number 7

I’m thankful for fun evenings with my daughters.  My eldest was determined to make cupcakes this week.  So when we grocery shopped on Monday she selected the cake mix (red velvet, if you please), the icing colours and the sprinkles.  We then made them on Tuesday night.  After that we did our nails and make-up and then all watched Barbie together.  Given I’m not really a girlie-girl this was a bit of a stretch, but I think I pulled it off.  After they were in bed, I figured I’d just keep up with the theme, so I had some white wine and caught up on the Vampire Diaries.

Number 6

I’m thankful that we finally picked up our new car this week.  I’m thankful the month and half of trying to figure out what to do is over.  We bought a 2010 Mazda 3 GS.  Done.

Number 5

I’m thankful for my bank.  Let’s just say the financing interest rates initially offered by the dealership were ridiculous.  I’m not a natural haggler by any stretch of the imagination, but I find it insane that the rate I landed on was over 3% lower than what I was initially offered.

Number 4

I’m thankful for the ten great years we got out of my 2003 Mazda Protégé.   It was the first car I bought.  Totally signalling adulthood, what with the over $20,000 loan and all back in the day.  I remember laughing about how stressed I’d been about that amount when I signed on for the mortgage about five years later.   Sigh.  I remember when I bought it, thinking how it was important to buy a four-door because I might have kids (and a husband) before it got traded in.  Good call.

The last trip with the kids in the old car....

The last trip with the kids in the old car…. among other highlights?  My four-year-old’s rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”.

It was a sad moment, when the nice guys at the forever awesome J&D AUTO suggested it was time to trade her in.  I wasn’t ready.  That car ties me to  … younger me.  But she’d done her time and was ready to go off to that big scrap pile in the sky.  I hope her spirit and parts live on in the cars of future generations (if nothing else, I know the snow tires will).  And like Bon Jovi says ….

Number 3

I’m thankful for (anyone keeping track of the count?) my mother.  As my husband drove the new car out to Boston Pizza to show it off to friends, my mom (who’d been watching the kids while we went to pick it up and finalize all the paperwork stayed with me for a good couple hours to chat and toast the old car, the new debt load, and generally help me unwind from a long week.

Number 2

I’m thankful for a good session this week with my eldest at Esso Family Math.  For any regular readers of my blog you’ll know that I’ve been tracking our sessions at a free evening math program for kids 4-6 (offered through our forever wonderful local Ontario Early Years Centre).  Suffice to say that my daughter wasn’t …. keen on it for the first couple weeks.  Last week I had to work late, so my husband took her.  From what I understand from him, while I can have the honour of that bonding experience back, it didn’t go badly last week.  But this week went well!  She was engaged.  She’s made a friend.  There was no meltdown.  To quote a valentine’s card I saw that (quite horribly) made me think of these weekly experiences, I don’t think she’ll ever be an astronaut, but I’m suddenly hopeful she might make it successfully through high school math at some stage in the future.

I feel like a horrible mother for even posting this.  But REALLY, my mind immediately went there.  And, hey!  My daughter's only four - so maybe it'll click, she'll TOTALLY be an astronaut, and this moment will feature in the speech I give at her wedding.

I feel like a horrible mother for even posting this. But REALLY, my mind immediately went there when I saw this. And, hey! My daughter’s only four – so maybe it’ll click, she’ll TOTALLY be an astronaut, and this moment will feature in the speech I give at her wedding.

Number 1 

I’m thankful for the morning I got to spend with my eldest at her school yesterday.  The parents were invited for a Valentine’s Day celebration.  Among other things, I got to meet the two little girls she talks about constantly and see that she has two good friends at school.  I think the four of us bonded while playing hide and seek and Ring Around the Rosie outside together in French (the moms of the other two little girls hadn’t been able to make it).  Following some carnival games we then thankfully got to go inside after about an hour (I’d missed the bit about outdoor fun and hadn’t really dressed for it) for songs and snacks.  I got to chat with some of the other parents, and also see just how “normal” my kid is as compared to others.  Which after multiple notes home about all the things we should be working on, was really gratifying.


So, that’s my thankful for this week.  As a quick note on Valentine’s Day, so you aren’t left wondering (particularly given my somewhat romantic ballad posted above was to my car), the husband and I plan to go out and properly celebrate in a few weekends.  Last night we went to Boston Pizza with the kids.  We did exchange cards and (small gifts) though – so it didn’t go completely unnoticed on that front 🙂

Until next time!