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So tonight marks the end of an era in the blogosphere.

Tonight is the last weekly Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday Blog Hop.

Jen Kehl from My Skewed View – our hostess on this weekly musical ride – has decided it is time to take a break from hosting this musical hop while she pursues some other interests and projects.

In keeping with this somber news, tonight’s theme is: Missing you or Farewell.

TwistedMixTapeTuesdayDon’t worry.

She promises it’s just a break and that the hop will return in a slightly revised form in the fall.

Even though, given this is one of the first blog events I participated in on this blog, and given I’ve found it truly welcoming, fun and educational all at once, I figure it’s my duty to send her off in style!

So here’s five (okay six – again sorry to bend the rules, I know you listen to every song) to properly say goodbye to Jen’s Weekly Musical Blog Hop.

Walk Away – Alanis Morissette (1991)

What?  You’re leaving US?  Um, no.  I’m leaving you FIRST!  How’s them apples?

Yeah – no real deeper meaning here.  It’s just a fun start to my last Twisted Mix.  It’s from Alanis Morissette’s 1991 debut album Alanis.  A song about endings and dealing with possible rejection with all the maturity available in the teen pop genre.  I also just get a kick out of who’s playing her boyfriend.

Spiderwebs – No Doubt (1995)

Now, Jen.  Don’t think we don’t get it.  The time – the hours – it takes to host this blog hop.  And we appreciate it.  I’ve appreciated it.  I’ve appreciated every thoughtful like, comment and tweet.  But I can see how at times it might get to feel a wee bit …. much.   I always like this song for its pure …. yeah, this is too much and I’m checking out for a while vibe.  And it’s all good.  Have fun out there.  We’ll leave a message and you can let us know when the DJ’s back in 🙂  I also love the imagery in the video about being overwhelmed by all the phone cords – I figure there has to be an Internet equivalent…

Leaving Las Vegas – Sheryl Crow (1994)

This is a song I always think of as I leave various stages of my life for the next, the unknown, or the whatever.  I first associated it with leaving a very crazy, high-paced job in my mid-twenties when I went back to school to get my Masters’ Degree.  I loved that job; I remember it fondly; but it was time to go.  This line is the one I always go back to:

Quit my job as a dancer;
At the Lido Des Girls.
Dealing blackjack until one or two.
Such a muddy line;
Between the things you want.
And the things you have to do.

I Don’t Mind if you Forget Me – Morrissey (1988)

So I added this one just for our hostess, because a few mixed tapes ago, I added another song from this Album and Jen mentioned Viva Hate was specific time and place music for her as well as me.  So as part of my farewell, I give you another from this album.  Heck!  If you feel so moved, click here and you can listen to the entire album online. [Fall 2018 note: This music link has gone dead a few times. My most recent search found a series of recordings I suspect might equally go dead, but I also found this cool tribute band. The singer really does, I think, give the look, sound and feel of my memory of this song.]

Beautiful Goodbye – Amanda Marshall (1995)

So I’ve featured a number of Amanda Marshall songs on this hop, so it feels … right … to make my last official choice on this hop Beautiful Goodbye.  It’s a beautiful song.


So one of the wonderful things I enjoy about music – and by extension – this hop – is the range of emotion and feeling that one can work through, even on just one theme.

In five songs, I think I’ve covered a few different feelings, and honestly now?

I’m a bit sad and down.

Because this is an ending.

And I fight not to feel a bit like this:

Did I just take that a wee bit too far?

My bad.

How about this instead?

Yeah.  That’s more like it.

Jen – I wish you every success with where life and writing and blogging and, well, everything, takes you.

So, that said, let’s sing you out of this post in style!  To you, and to your hop that brought us all together weekly for such a fun time: