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share-your-worldSo I’m back to link up for a second week over at Cee Photography’s Share Your World.

She asks; you answer; it’s simple like that.  I appreciate direct.  So I’m in.

And if anyone is interested in the state of my week?  Well, I started this post Tuesday. Yeah… another one of those weeks that kinda got away from me…

That said, here’s the questions, my answers and let’s move this show along.

For your blog do you basically use Windows or Mac, laptop, desktop, pad, or phone?

I write my posts on my desktop (Windows).  I scroll, check out and comment on other blogs on my phone and IPad.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Naturally, I wanted to be a mid-level federal public servant with the ability to affect positive change on Area of Management 4 of Treasury Board Secretariat’s Management Accountability Framework (aka AOM4 of TBS’s MAF).  I’d link to this, but it appears (at the time of drafting of this post) that the site is down.  In any event, I successfully accomplished that in 2009, so I’ve been adrift since then for lack of professional goal.  That said, I’d note my self-worth was also somewhat challenged when it was decided in subsequent MAF rounds that reporting on AOM4 was actually redundant given all such information was captured elsewhere.

Either way, with this valuable career experience under my belt, I’ve continued to effectively report on stuff I do in two different line departments to support strategic objectives as outlined in annual Reports on Plans and Priorities as tabled in Parliament for the considered scrutiny of Parliamentary Committees.

Yeah.  I grew up in a government town.  My dad was a bureaucrat (but he just designed search and rescue satellites, it’s not like he impacted the MAF, so it’s good to know I’ve moved the bar for public service achievement in our family) and I always kind of figured I’d be one too.

I was basically this kid:

But if that hadn’t panned out, I wanted to be a baker (’cause of the hat); marine biologist (because of the scuba diving) and journalist (because I’d get to write).

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up in Canada’s beautiful national capital!  I’d say it’s a mid-sized city.  I joke it’s small enough to randomly run in to people you’ve lost touch with, but would like to catch up with, and large enough to avoid the people you want to avoid.  I love it.  My husband and I received a painting for our wedding of the Parliament Buildings, where we met because we both worked there; I love our green spaces; I love our festivals; I can’t really imagine living elsewhere.

This is the painting over the couch in our living room.  A gift from the father of the best man at our wedding.  I love it.

This is the painting over the couch in our living room. A gift from the father of the best man at our wedding. I love it.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? 

I’d be 19.  I loved 19.  It was my first year out of high school.  It was my first year of university.  It was my first year of real experimentation with quasi-adulthood – but still in the … safety cocoon of living at home.  I met some of my best friends.  It was a great year.  I also miss having someone doing my laundry and cooking my meals.  [Having a serious – when the If You Seek Amy moment as to when I morphed into Martha and this became my role for EVERYONE else ON TOP of everything else moment] Wistful sigh.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

TwistedMixTapeTuesdayIt was a busy week – but mostly, I’d like to take this moment to acknowledge the end of a blog hop I’ve really loved.  Jen Kehl’s Twisted Mixed Tape is going on a bit of a break, and then likely coming back in the fall in a modified way.

I sent her off with what I’d like to think is a certain amount of pomp and circumstance in my last post for that hop, but I’ll take another moment here too.

I’m grateful for the people I met on that hop and the music I listened to.  It was a fun weekly event.

Her hop always asked us to post five songs to a theme.

So, to the theme of “Share Your World” (what we do here) and “Goodbyes” (what we’re doing over there)  I give you this ditty:

I figure if 16.5 million people have already enjoyed the video – perhaps some here will as well.

And, as for the second question?  What am I looking forward to in the coming week?  As of right now?


I’m told my kids have had a good few weeks.  I’m looking forward to spending more time with them so they can tell me about it when I’m in a focussed …. conscious … kind of state.


How was your week?