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So here we be with “C” in our musical amble through the alphabet.

Jackie over at Ambling and Rambling is hosting a weekly A to Z musical hop.  Do check it out.

I’ve had one of those weeks where life has … I don’t know …  Slapped me down?  Cued me to dial it back? Told me where I thought I was isn’t actually where I am?  Gave me a break? Put me … back in my place?

I’m not sure, to be honest.

I go back and forth between thinking I just need to read the signs and signals in life to help steer me where I should be going, and feeling like I’m in the middle of some high school drama where I’d like those orchestrating it to just, well, let me know when it’s over, and how it turns out.

More broadly speaking, I’m struggling with figuring out what I actually want to do at this stage of life and how to make it all fit.

But in lieu of a good wallow, I thought I’d dedicate musical “C” tonight to … finding ways to overcome and be the best person I can.

So let’s start with the obvious, shall we?

Sound of Music – I Have Confidence

So I tried to find the Julie Andrews clip from the 1965 movie and I’m assuming there’s a copyright issue, because I came up empty.  But this woman is fabulous!  So here she Katie Hardy as Maria.

I fell in love with the Sound of Music when I was 13 and found a VHS copy of it in my grandparents’ house.  My grandmother was very sick for the last 10 years of her life, and I really don’t remember her before that time, but I like to imagine her enjoying the Sound of Music (because who wouldn’t?!)  In junior high, I found a friend who also loved the movie and we use to sing all the songs repeatedly.  Because we were THAT kind of cool.  And this song?  Well, if ever there was a wholesome pump you up, you can do it! song, here it is.  So while I forever associate this song with Junior High me, I often hum it as empowerment for any number of life’s moments.

But when that doesn’t cut it?

Kid Rock – Cocky (2001)

Really, I think there should be a mash-up version of these two songs.  It. Would. Be. Awesome.

I first discovered Kid Rock as a competitive swimmer because I noticed him on the warm up mix at university meets.  It was the “pump you up to dominate!” music.  His second album came out when I had a rather high-profile and stressful job given my age.  At the time I had a “pump me up I can do this” play list where this featured.  I think of this song often when I feel challenged by those who, for whatever reason, think I can’t do what I know I can.

And every now and then?  I randomly throw the aspiration to one day make “Matchbox 20 Money” into conversation to see if there are any kindred spirits in my midst.

Or if I’m truly alone in the world.

And nobody wants to be alone, right?

That’s why balance – that elusive concept – is so important.  Which brings me to choice #3 of the evening:

Madonna – Cherish (1989)

First off, it’s just a happy song.  And really, who isn’t up for happy?  Anyone?  Right.

So I know the inspiration for this song is Romeo and Juliet – and romantic love.  And so here’s the moment to be thankful for my husband, who is always there and supportive and simply and directly loves me for me.  I wish and hope for that love and acceptance and that sort of connection for everyone I love and care for.  It keeps you going when the rest of life gives you lemons and then overcharges you for them just to really stick it to you.

I guess what I’m saying?  Your big connections?  Your family, however you define it, the support you give to them and subsequently and more than equally draw from them puts the minutiae and noise of everyday in perspective.

And, well, then there’s the mermaids.  Madonna had my 4-year-old at the mermaids.

But we need to move this show along…

So next up?  Let’s give some thought to bravery and courage.

Tragically Hip – Courage (1992)

Have it?  Don’t have it?  Do it? Don’t?  Misplaced?  Well-timed?  Yes? No? Maybe?  Not now?  Let’s ruminate on this.  Or not.  Life be confusing.  Why don’t we just enjoy the song?

Or maybe some more mermaids?  Like my preschooler, I like mermaids.


Because, thinking on all this for too long brings me to my last choice of the evening:

Meredith Brooks – Crazy (2002)

So the studio version is cleaner, but I like this one because, well – yeah – maybe a little crazy?  I identify with the slightly not pulled together yet “freeing” feel of the whole thing.  The song got released on her 2004 Shine Album, which as far as I can figure from the interwebs, was mostly ignored expect by Dr. Phil, who apparently chose the main song from the album as the theme song for his show (I did a You Tube search and as one of the few who own the album, I don’t hear it).  But the Dr. Phil connection just kind of brings the crazy full circle as far as I’m concerned.

So there’s my musical thinking for the week.  Life (and a random re-obsession with re-runs of the Vampire Diaries on Netflix) kept me off the blog for the past week.  But things be settling again (fingers crossed, baby went on an all night bender last night but seems good tonight) so looking forward to catching up with the bloggy world this week.