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ef3ca-tenthingsbannerSo I missed last week’s Ten Things of Thankful Weekend Hop with Lizzi and her co-hosts, so let’s see if we can pack two weeks’ thankful into one candy-coated post of grateful.

First?  I’m thankful summer is almost here (thankful #1).  I work in Parliamentary Affairs for a government department and my husband works for the House of Commons and the last few weeks of June are always busy in the last rush to get studies done, reports tabled and bills passed.    So my husband and I are both working long hours and I’m ready for the slower pace of summer; not having to make school lunches and figure out my four-year-olds’ homework assignments; and more time with family.  Bring it on!

I’m thankful school carnivals are finite (thankful #2).  Two hours on Monday at my 4-year-olds’ annual carnival with my 22-month-old in tow was …. enough.  My husband was on late shift, so I was on my own.  It was hot and lines were long with many rides not appropriate for my youngest, who was just old enough to work out she was missing out on the fun.  I’m thankful for the staff at one of the climbing stations that let her on the ride anyway and got in with her to climb her up the bits she couldn’t handle.  I was less thankful when the mother – who I’d never met before – of one of my daughter’s friends disappeared as our kids were playing together, only to show up moments after I’d bought carnival food for the kids – while hoping her’s wasn’t diabetic – as there was no kind or polite way not to get her child something too.  Given the child’s repeated refusal to get her mom when I asked where she was – so I could ask if a treat was okay – I suspect it may have been something she could not otherwise have afforded, but it left me feeling a bit played rather than kind.

That said, the girls were all thrilled with the monster suckers and treats, I was happy my daughter got to play with her friend, and I’m glad they all had fun.  My youngest apparently had so much fun that, on the walk home, she was so tired that with zero ceremony, she simply sat down in the middle of the road and refused to take another step.  As I carried her the rest of the way she equally refused to let go of her giant sucker, which repeatedly stuck/unstuck to my shirt in a way that resulted in it looking like Rainbow Brite had barfed on me.  My 22-month-old’s commentary as she stuck and unstuck the sucker was equally helpful:  “Sticky mom!  So sticky!  Sticky, sticky!”

I’m thankful for my Aunt June (thankful #3).  She is a force of nature.  Everyone needs an Aunt June.  She is one of my 4-year-old’s favourite people.  She live about 12 hours from us in northern Quebec, but visits 3-4 times a year.  She visited last week.  She volunteers at her church rummage sale, which accepts donations for re-sale for charity – and so she “collects” many things to bring down each time she visits.  From time to time she will leave random messages on our phone checking my daughters’ sizes or if they need certain things.  And some of the items she has found and brought have been beautiful.  This time she came with clothes and books galore!  And a View-master and slides “for the girls” that brought me right back to my childhood.  So I’ve been playing with that for the past week while my eldest has been proudly wearing a string of new dresses ever since.

Aunt June also added to our bunny collection with this little hopper, who my husband is referring to as the Olivia Newton John (as in “Let’s Get Physical”) bunny.

I started a bunny board on Pinterest – so you can visit her there.  So I’m thankful for Olivia and for the Pinterest Bunny Board (thankful #4), that keeps my youngest happy.  She sits on my lap and we surf the web for bunnies to add to our collection.  I’m sure that has some sort of developmental benefit, right?

MouseI’m thankful for random stuff back from school (thankful #5).

Yup.  She’s a mouse.  Any questions?

I’m thankful for random flowers last week from my husband and daughters (thankful #6).  They were shopping and thought they were pretty.  End of story.

I’m thankful I made it for an hour-long run at the gym last week.  I’m thankful I survived an hour-long run at the gym last week.  I can’t remember the last time I made it that long (thankful #7).

I’m thankful for Heroes and Netflix and the nice woman at Rogers who found me a new Internet package so we basically end up still paying the same while no longer blowing over our limit each month (thankful #8). As for Heroes – I can’t figure out how I didn’t know about this show until now.  Awesome.  I’ve just finished Season #2 in, about two weeks.  I’m hooked.


It’s my birthday. Gonna party like it’s my birthday. Gonna sip Backardi like it’s my birthday …..

I’m thankful that I made it to my one year blogaversary this week (thankful #9) and for all the wonderful people I’ve met to date through this blog!  I posted about it earlier this week here.  The Ten Things of Thankful community is a big part of it – so I’m thankful for this hop and support.

And last and in no way least?  I’m thankful for my wonderful husband (thankful #10).  Not just on Father’s Day, but every day.  He’s a great dad, great husband, and I’m so glad we are building our life and family together.  The girls made him a lovely mug at daycare.  We bought him a nice port.  We’re hosting my parents tomorrow for Father’s Day and he’s still doing the ribs.

So there you have my two weeks worth of thankful.  What’s yours?  Link up and share!