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sisterhugsA few months ago, we hit a wonderful stage over here.

Our two daughters – now four and a half and almost two – really started playing together.

They now hang out together on the couch.  They chase each other around the yard.  They have tickle fights.

Sure, they also have screaming fights over everything from my IPhone to who gets to sit on my lap to who gets which colour popsicle.

But they also have mani-pedi parties where each patiently waits while I paint the other’s nails.

They get each other’s toys for them.

And yesterday? They coloured together quietly; unsupervised; for almost half an hour.

sistersI am currently having wild fantasies about this scenario stretching out as they get older.

Of them entertaining one another.  While also of course truly enjoying each other’s company.

Tonight?  Before officially going to sleep they had a “sleepover” in my eldests’ bed for a half hour, playing Barbie together by the light of the fuzzy unicorn that projects stars on the ceiling.

When I checked in on them my youngest had decided she’d had enough, grabbed her bunny, hugged her sister good night, and toddled off unprompted to her crib.

I hope this continues as they get older.

I didn’t have a sister growing up, and while my brother and I are close, I suspect it’s different growing up with a sister – and particularly one who is close in age.

I hope they find one of their best friends in each other and that the relationship teaches them the importance and power of female friendships.

I hope they stick up for each other; support each other; and help each other.

I hope they nurture each other’s strengths; celebrate each other’s successes and are there to offer the shoulder to cry on, and the understanding ear, when needed.

I see their differences already: different interests and different aptitudes; as well as their similarities.

I hope they each grow confidently into whatever woman they want to be.

And I hope they are there to help each other get there; supportive of their different dreams and interests.


Looking forward to meeting her sister.

While I had always thought it would be nice to have “one of each”, when I discovered I was pregnant with a girl during my second pregnancy, I immediately loved the thought of them growing up closely together.

I wondered if – hoped – they’d be friends.  My mother grew up with an older sister. My sister-in-law grew up with two younger sisters.  They were both so excited for our eldest that she’d have a sister so close in age to grow up with.

And while there are currently days that are a little pink and pretty and princess heavy for me…

When I see them play well together; when I see them thoughtful of one another; when I see them demand to hug the other goodnight before the day can officially be over; I wonder where the relationship – that sisterhood – grows from here.

I can’t wait to see it.

Perfection Pending

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