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MusicalmusingsLast week our daycare provider was on holidays so I staycationed with my kids.

By Friday, we had sort of hit our stride. We still had Monday to really nail the stay at home life before we reverted back to reality this morning with my return to work and their return to daycare.

But in that week, I spent an awful lot of time in little girl world.

And it was a nice … view and way to reflect on my younger self as I looked at my girls and their excitement at well, everything, that is coming in life.

I can’t wait to see them experience it all.

And it gave me pause to think about dreams and reality and growing up and, well, what music has to say about that.

In my A to Z musical journey I’ve arrived at the Letter O, so tonight Blythe and I give you my Once Upon a Time in Music.

We’re going to start you off with a little ditty from the movie we watched a couple (dozen) times last week as it is currently my 4-year-old’s favourite.

On Top of the World – Barbie: Princess Charm School (2011)

I know. Nothing screams “quality” like a direct to DVD release. But judging from my daughter’s love of this film, they do a great job at telling the classic Underdog Wins Through Working and Being a Good Person story here with Blair, who wins the “lottery” spot at the Princess Charm School which trains princesses from all over on proper princess etiquette. Her spot also wins her a chance at becoming “Lady Royal” top advisor to the top princess of the realm. However, she was adopted, and it of course turns out she’s rightful heir to the throne, hijinks ensue, and good eventually wins out while we all learn a valuable lesson on how to work hard, treat others and properly drink tea.

It might have been five days in Little Girl World, but it was motivating! And gave me the inspiration for this post! And once I got on the “O”/younger years/Once Upon a Time thought path, my next choice was simple:

Once – Pearl Jam (1991)

Ten (the album) hit when I was 15. And I LOVED – and still love – that album. It beautifully gives voice to much of the teen … stuff you feel but don’t know how to express. And it is still a hands down, fabulous album.

And I’m wondrously amused to be able to place Pearl Jam and Barbie in a post together and somehow make it fit.

I know the song is somewhat more artistically sinister than my interpretation, but I always hear it as a simple harkening back to when we thought life was simpler. Once Upon a Time.  Ahhh.

Tea anyone?

Pink Pop73A new reason to love it for me? Not sure if you zoned in on the dolly in the video, but I sure did. So I googled it. They are playing PINKPOP, which is a large, annual pop music festival at Landgraaf in the Netherlands. Starting in 1970, it is the longest running annual pop and rock music festival in the world.

And its mascot? Yeah – that dolly. The name consists of two parts. ‘Pink’ comes from the Dutch word for Pentecost (‘Pinksteren’) and ‘pop’ comes from pop music. But a later creative interpretation for the name is a combination of the English word pink and the Dutch word ‘pop’, which means doll.

I’m thinking Blythe just found a kindred spirit.

And together with my girls they will help bring things back in focus, right? Help me re-find the simple joys and fun and, well, purpose of this crazy thing called life, yeah?

And help me stop just:

Going Through the Motions – Once More, With Feeling (Buffy, The Musical) (2001) 

I was originally going to also give you the Overture (which then goes into this song) but couldn’t find a good video with both, so I lose my double “O” whammy, but the song still hits the mark. I can’t think of a better one for questioning/reflecting on life. I’d quote it for you, but I really just want you to watch. As for the Spanish subtitles – I took four years of Spanish and still can’t speak it. Another goal from youth I may one day achieve.

Currently Dora’s helping out there – so again – yay girls!

But sometimes even she fails to solve all my problems. Shocking, I know. And I feel moments of:

Overload – Zappacosta (Dirty Dancing Soundtrack) (1987)

I’m almost delighted that I couldn’t find a full video for the song and this was the best I could do because I got to watch a whole snippet of Dirty Dancing (the song in question starts at 1:27 if you want to jump ahead).

But if ever there is a movie of my Wonder Years?  This is it. When she carried a watermelon, before JFK was shot, and everybody called her Baby and it didn’t occur to her to mind. Let’s hear it for Frances! Named after the first woman in the US cabinet: Frances C. Perkins – Secretary of Labor from 1933-47 and appointed by Roosevelt.

And let’s hear it for Overload, which among other things is just asking for a little of your sympathy. Once in a while, yes please.

Final thought here: despite owning the soundtrack until tonight and my search for “O songs” I thought this was “This Open Road.” Something to add to my list of misheard lyrics.

Just don’t laugh at me about it. Or I might TRULY find my younger self and indulge in a bit of name calling:

Ooh Stick You – Daphne & Celeste (1999)

So as I surfed my music this felt right to end off my post. Fun, silly – and from the CD I bought in 2000 to remember my school term from my undergrad in London – a Top of the Pops Mix of everything big in the UK while I was there.

I must admit I hadn’t heard this one until I bought the CD, but it was catchy. And good for working out to.

And if I don’t give any deep thought to sticks and stones stuff? I can leave it at that.

Do you want me to tell you what I really think about you?

You got facial hair like a polar bear
You blow up like a toad and then explode
Your face looks mean like Halloween
You got big red eyes like cherry pies

Un huh. But they walk around with a magic wand thing in the video that makes people fun again. I kind of like that idea.

So that would be my five except for tonight where I give you a bonus: in honour of my daughters and our multiple viewings of Barbie: Princess Charm School, here are the princesses randomly rocking out to … Bach’s Minuet in G. My 10 years of piano training kind of adored this (Note: you have to click on the link to watch it on You Tube):

Rock on! And don’t be Delancy’s mom.

So there’s what musically motivated me this week.  What about you?  What are your songs that bring you back to younger days? What are your musical Once Upon a Times?

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