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The Nectar Collective

So two week’s ago I linked up for the first time with Nectar Collective’s Weekly Wishes.

Like the button says, it’s a link up for people who like to get shit done.

List your goals; track your progress week to week; within a community that encourages you to succeed!


I had the week off work, and a list of things to get done.

So I linked up.

I meant to update you all last week on how I did.

But, well, I was busy getting not blog shit done.

And it’s been hectic.

Given that, I thought it might be good to report back; reassess; and then figure out where to go from here.

So let’s get to it.

Here’s how I did on my previous goals:

1. Clean House Top to Bottom.  For the most part, yes. I’d give myself a B here. It got a better scrubbing than its had in ages. AND I got all the bills sorted.

2. Get photos from the last year printed. Success! A+ on this one. I collected all my digital images from the past year and change; selected the 150 or so worth keeping; burnt to disk; got them printed; and got them into albums. I still need to write out descriptions, but that wasn’t on the goal list, so I’ll deal with that later.

3. Blog twice this week on this blog.  Success again! I did, twice. My goal post and my “P” post in my “Musical A to Z” series.  As for my reference last goal post to linking to one of my least viewed posts EVER, having done so drove CRAZY traffic to that post and I’m proud to say that FIVE PEOPLE (instead of just one) have now visited THIS LONELY POST HERE. Oh yeah.

4.  Write two posts for Ottawa Mommy Club. I got one done.  That counts for something right?

5. Hit the gym twice. Try to motivate myself to get back on the Weight Watchers wagon for September. I made it to the gym once. It is what it is. So that’s what, like a C-?

6.  Dump my personal email inbox. I think this will be an ongoing goal. I made a valiant effort. I give myself a B.

7. Enjoy what’s left of summer with family and friends. Success! We went to a friends’ lodge for the Long Weekend.  Much fun all around.

 So that’s where I’m at. Here are the goals for this week.

Goal #1

Prepare my daughter’s school lunch the night before so that mornings are a bit less insane than they were last year. I did this every day last week and, not gonna lie, it’s the last thing I wanted to do once the kids were in bed and I finally had a chance to relax, but they say a few weeks makes a habit, so let’s bring on Week #2.

Goal #2

Write at least two blog posts this week on this blog.  Again, this counts as one.  Again, I plan on another one being the next in my Musical A to Z series. I’ve done the research, so I just have to write the post.

Goal #3

Write that second above referenced Ottawa Mommy Club Article.  And, again, if that goes well, do my blog post submission for the International Bloggers Association which I’ve been putting off for a while.

Goal #4

Go to the gym at least once; no alcohol at home; bring lunch to work at least twice.

Goal #5

Continue to clear out my personal email inbox. I put in a good 45 minutes this morning and am down to 232 messages in there. I’ll aim to get it to 150 by this time next week!

Goal #6

Clear through children’s clothing. My youngest had her big girl bed (minus one part but of course!) delivered today. So I cleaned the room and put all the stuff that no longer fit into the donation pile. Now I just need to figure out where to send my bags.

Goal #7

Donating a crib: to do. We have a crib set we no longer need. I’d like to get it to someone who does…

So those are my goals for this week. And, as I raced to get home today for big girl bed delivery, as all my “to do’s” raced in my head, this song came on the radio and summed it up in a catchy, but “in no way helping” kind of way (except that I laughed at the “It’s Canada, they just left their door open” jibe re: the mansion they’re filming at :)):

How about you? What do you want to get done this week?

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