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Sleepdoll_PinterestBGDToday I’m borrowing an idea from Beautiful Dysfunction – one of the first fellow-Ontario bloggers I met when I started this blog.

She use to do a weekly series called “Oh How Pinteresting” where she would showcase some of her favourite pins.

At the time, I was very new to WordPress and couldn’t even figure out how to post pins on WordPress, so I wasn’t there.

But I’ve been having more and more fun on Pinterest lately, and so I thought I might try weekly – or maybe monthly – or possibly sporadic, I really haven’t thought it through, posts linking back to some of the stuff that I’ve found interesting in Pinterestland.

So with that I give you my inaugural “Oh, How Pinteresting” post.

And I thought I’d start with my top five most popular pins – as measured through the exact science of repins and likes.

Number 5

First, at six re-pins, I give you … the London Aquarium! Apparently, people like sharks. Or London. Or water. Or maybe they are like me and are fans of all three. I did a school term in London during my undergrad and really enjoyed my visit to the Aquarium.

Number 3 – Tie!

Here’s a post I found on teaching kids about good nutrition from B-Inspired Mama. Apparently others, like myself, found it inspiring. I admit I haven’t done any of this. But, generally speaking, we do have pretty good nutrition over here (just don’t ask about tonight’s dinner).

Number 3 – Tie!

Tied for third is one of those pins I pinned in a moment of “crafty, organizational I CAN DO THIS!” inspiration.

I could totally put together a scrapbook of memories. And it would be lovely.

Have I done it yet? Not so much. But I found the idea originally posted by Holly, one of my favourite bloggers, who posts over at Simplify Create Inspire, so I smile every time I get a notice that someone else might pursue this thanks to her Project Life postings on the subject.

And my sister-in-law just did a similar style scrapbook for my nephew’s first few months – so I’m sort of inspired again…

Number 2

So this pin goes to why I started up on Pinterest to begin with, to collect recipes. And this one is certainly one of our repeat side dishes when we entertain. I love asparagus. Everyone loves bacon. And it’s hard, unless you are lactose intolerant, to be anti-cheese, so there you have it. And others apparently agree.

Number 1

Like Rise of the Guardians? You are not alone. I pinned this when my eldest lost her first tooth early this summer.  We went online to collect photos of the Tooth Fairy together. No deeper thought than that.

I still get multiple email notifications a week for people repinning and liking this pin.

In the span of my interests? Tooth Fairy? DreamWorks? Don’t get me wrong, really good film, but not something I thought would ever get over 50 repins. Just goes to show the random wacky that is the Internet.

So that’s some of my most pinned pins.

Are you on Pinterest? Anything you pinned that surprised you in popularity?

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