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Twitter_buttonSo I posted, all pomp and circumstance, a couple months back about how I might do a Pinterest series.

You know – neat things I found on other social media platforms. That other people thought were … neat too.

I’ve reflected deeply on this.

In ways equivalent to when I decided to start a Pinterest Bunny Board or a Fairy Board.

So, what I’m saying is … yeah.

DEEP thought.

Like … in the car.

On the way to work.

Or while I had the kids momentarily distracted by Arial or some other Disney Princess, or Winx Club, or Justice League on TV. #parentlifehacks

What I really mean?

Hey! I did this Pinterest post a while back that seemed to work. Maybe I’ll broaden my discussion to other social media!

So let’s talk about Twitter and blogging!

Because I’d really like to know what other people are doing on that front.


I tweeted before I blogged (this time around – I’ve blogged twice before in pre-Twitter world).

And, once I slowly came around to the fact that Twitter might be more than another way to read the news, what did I learn?

Most of the people I wanted to interact with online were blogging.

So maybe I should blog.


So I started a blog. And began publicly broadcasting in more than 140 characters bursts.

But didn’t link my blog to my Twitter.

Because …

Shy? Not ready? Real life aligning with blog life felt wrong?

All of that.

A few months into blogging I linked the two accounts without actively tweeting my own posts.

I waited for the:

a) accolades

or (what I actually feared)

b) recriminations and mockings over having a “mommy blog”.

What I got?

A few retweets, some nice words about some of my posts that warmed my heart and made blogging feel just a bit more awesome and ….

That was it.



Not much.

But the world hadn’t imploded.


So earlier this fall I decided to give Twitter another look and start making an effort to tweet more.

I formally linked my blog to promote my posts. I’m tweeting more of what interests me and more posts from fellow bloggers I enjoy. I’m joining in (sometimes) with the ever-fabulous Suzie81 for her #SundayBlogShare on Twitter.

I’ve met some good tweeps. And figured out how blogging and tweeting can work together rather than feel like a whole extra bit of effort when really, what I wanted to do was write and scrapbook my life through blogging. Like anything else, what you get out of it aligns with what you put in. You participate and most people respond.

I also signed up with Just Unfollow and SumAll on Twitter to clean my Twitter/figure out who I was following that I didn’t need to, etc…. SumAll sends out these nice thank you tweets to my top twitter friends of the week.  Like this:

And Just Unfollow posts motivating updates like this one:

I’d resisted on both fronts for a while – because ugh – so … commercial and … self promoting – and am currently wondering why I did.

If you’re going to tweet, isn’t it the point to get noticed?

Briefly, both are great free services. As for Just Unfollow, while it left me feeling a bit unloved at the outset – nothing like seeing the swaths of humanity who don’t feel you are equally worthy of having in their feed – overall it has basically helped me double my Twitter following in about two months from 300 some to 600 some.

Aside from having fun with it, I’m not sure what else I’m really doing with that following, per se, but I must admit it was interesting to see how I could find and be found by like-minded people online once I made a bit of effort.

Sure, a lot of other random folk follow, then unfollow me when I don’t follow back to INSTANTLY MAKE MONEY FAST (or whatever), but overall the experience has been fun to date.

You want to see some of the fun highlights?

Sure! How about these?

I love blogging for Ottawa Mommy Club and the ties it gives me to broader community events:

Or there was how people noticed my first review on my blog (yay!)

Or the tweets that let ME relate to the Disney Princesses:

Or the good people you meet online who retweet you to the right audience just because they’re, well, awesome:

Getting noticed by Wonder Woman on Twitter!

Or, through this re-tweet, Ernest Hemingway (apparently):

Bullfight, anyone?

Then? There’s my most popular tweet of all time, about unfollowing people. This completely appeals to my sense of irony:

Next on my list? Figure out twitter lists, give some thought to reworking my bio, and figure out how to navigate a twitter party without wanting to simply give up and do something else because, well, I don’t care to think that fast in my leisure time.

What do you use Twitter for? Any tips for a blogger still trying to figure it out?