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Draculaura_buttonSome of you who follow along here may remember that I celebrated Halloween in style this year at Baby Gates Down.

I got myself a dolly co-host: Draculaura, who was on Halloween Break Week from Monster High (no idea if they do that, but it strikes me as entirely plausible and something the writers should consider if they haven’t done it) and we did a week of Vampire posts – a Vampire A to Z where I featured a Rogue’s Gallery of sorts running through the alphabet – at a few letters a day, every day, for a week – profiling some of my favourite vampires and vampire related fiction and lore.

Naturally, in the process of selecting my list, there was a bit of back and forth as I narrowed it down to 26. I even drafted some entries that didn’t make the cut.  As such, when I saw the WordPress Daily Prompt today asking for:

a post based on unused material from a previous piece –a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine!

And THEN saw it was Create a New Feature day on WordPress Blogging 101 (which I’ve previously done and get the email updates for)  …

I just KNEW this was a sign.

I’ve been mulling over doing some sort of vampire carry on feature since I finished my A to Z series.

Maybe every couple of weeks?

So in honour of the colliding of WordPress prompts with my percolating thoughts I give you my first and very likely sporatic Fangtastic Friday.

And first up?

In honour of the Daily Prompt: A Fangtastic Outtake.

In my A to Z before I realized I’d completely overlooked the entire Underworld Series, U was going to be for …..

Holding_Dimension_buttonUnderneath, the title of Episode 17 of Season 5 of Angel.

Yes. Incredibly random. But pretty genre awesome. Bear with me.

Angel ran from 1999 to 2004 and was a spin-off show from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

So Angel – the show’s namesake and main character – is first introduced in Season One of Buffy as the vampire cursed by gypsies and given back his soul.

Making him good.

But wracked with guilt for all the terrible things he did when he was an evil soulless monster.

Including killing the gypsies’ daughter.

Oh. And the tricky part?

He loses his soul and becomes evil again if he ever experiences a moment of true happiness.

Yeah. Don’t mess with gypsies.

So result? You are left with a brooding and unhappy vampire who has spent over 100 years trying to atone for all the evil he’s done.

And I don’t think there has ever been a high school TV show with a better “sex is bad”/think before you “do it” parable because guess what makes him happy and, as a result, evil?

Sex with Buffy.

Anyway, that plot line had basically played itself out by the end of high school in Season 3 so they gave Angel his own show where he moves to Los Angeles and opens a detective agency that specializes in occult/mystical cases. One of the main enemies is Wolfram and Hart – an evil law firm.

By this episode (Yes! I’m getting back to the point!) Lindsey – one of the former lawyers – is on the outs with the firm (which in the world of moral grey zones is now being run by Angel) and has been shipped to the firm’s “Holding Dimension” – where the firm ships those whose fates have not yet been decided.

However, Lindsey has information Angel needs so they have to break him out.

What I love about Underneath and the Holding Dimension? Well, it needs to be accessed through driving an automated Camaro into the portal to said dimension, where prisoners are stripped of their memory and identity and given new ones and forced to live in ….

…something resembling suburbia.

A holding dimension indeed.

Of course, even though they find Lindsey in an awesome house with a lovely wife and son, every day after a few wonderful moments with the fam, Lindsey is sent to the basement by his wife to find a lightbulb (or something). Once he gets there he is tortured by a demon that cuts out his heart. Afterwards, the gaping chest wound closes up and heals itself and the day starts all over again a la Groundhog Day.

So yay rescue!

Angel and Spike to the rescue! Image from here: http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Underneath

Angel and Spike to the rescue! Image from here: http://buffy.wikia.com/wiki/Underneath

That said, I had to love that an evil law firm thought suburbia – with their added twist – was an appropriate place to wait – indefinitely – until they figured out what to do with you.

So here endeth my first vampire-related post since Halloween. Perhaps I’ll make Fangtastic Friday’s a thing.

What do you think?

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