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Day Two on WordPress Photography 101 asks us to take a photo of a street.

It can be a quiet road in a small town, an alley near your apartment, or a busy street where pedestrians weave between cars and motorbikes…

Here’s my contribution:


This is my street, as taken a few steps from my driveway this morning.

It was a bit of a dark and dreary day, so I make it black and white which I think adds a little something. I also cropped some side parts away – on recommendation of my husband – to draw a bit more attention to the triangle effect of the trees and sky.

I initially wished for something to be going on, but I like it.

As for happenings in and around our street, the girls and I get out and about quite frequently.

Indeed, here are a few of my other favourite “street” shots from the last couple years:

Here the girls are just around the far corner in the above shot creating some impromptu art.

The aim had been to go to the park. Instead we went back home, got our boots, and just splashed about in this puddle.

Here we are moving a bit farther a field. On the left is from a trip to our corner store down the block and on the right is from a trip to Granny and Grandpa’s, about a 15 minute (adult) walk away.

325At times we move EVEN further a field.

Here’s my youngest exploring the streets outside Mami’s  home (my mother-in-law) last winter when we visited her in Alexandria, Ontario (about an hour east of Ottawa).

I love how I caught my youngest in motion here – and seemingly on a mission.

But my favourite street photo?

And my husband – Mr. Professional Photographer – agreed:

My eldest daughter, Canada Day in Ottawa - July 1, 2013

My eldest daughter, Canada Day in Ottawa – July 1, 2013

This is my eldest last Canada Day strolling through downtown with a certain elegance and poise (in THAT ONE MOMENT) that I LOVE that I captured.

I even wrote a whole post inspired by this photo.

And for what it’s worth? There are some moments you really can’t recreate. Because I tried to get a similar photo this year and, well, this is the best one.

Kind of sums up everything I love about when you capture those specific moments of magic on camera.

Speaking of magic, tomorrow we get to do photos with one of my favourite things : water!

That may be inspiration enough to keep me posting daily to theme.

Before leaving today, I just wanted to touch base on the identity of Dolly Doe, my dolly co-host for this series.

Yesterday I asked for name suggestions and was kindly given two.

Lizzi, who blogs at Considerings, suggested Lilla because “the wibbly leg bits look like a (brand name) Gorilla pod stand.”

Meanwhile Lisa, from The Meaning of Me, suggests Willomena.

I think the fairest way to do this is by vote.

This also lets me play with the polling tool on WordPress, which I’ve never done before, and I figure Blogging U is all about learning, so this is the place to do it.

So dear readers, I leave it to you:

If I’ve done this correctly, the poll closes in a week.

Make a difference here at Baby Gates Down and let your voice be heard!

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